Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West voiced his support and admiration for alt-right YouTube personality Candace Owens in a recent Twitter post.

Mutual Admiration

On Saturday, April 21, the 40-year-old sent the entire internet into chaos after, out of nowhere, he mentioned the Black Lives Matter critic.

Owens frequently appears as a guest speaker on Fox News and InfoWars. She is known for her website and YouTube channel Red Pill Back which promotes black conservatism. Due to her statements and videos that blasts the Black Live Matters, she became a right-wing favorite, said Newsweek. She also hailed President Donald J. Trump as not "just the leader of the free world, but the savior of it." On Sunday, April 22, Owens responded to West.


Thanks to what Owens stands for, West's tweets on Saturday did not sit well with his 25.9 million followers. One of the first to react was Straight Outta Compton actor and NFL player Thomas Q. Jones. On his tweet, he referenced the Academy Award-nominated movie Get Out.

Celebrity gossip blog writer Perez Hilton also responded to the tweet.

Comedian Tom Arnold called out West and pointed out some of Owens' controversial statements.

Writer and activist Raquel Willis said that West aligning himself with Owens is "messy and dangerous."

Given the public outcry, Owens clarified her perspective.

West, in turn, explained his stance through a series of tweets.

Kanye West Meets Donald Trump

West, who is working on his next two albums, previously made headlines when he met President Trump in 2016. At the time, he said that the meeting was to discuss life and multicultural issues specifically in his hometown, Chicago.

Last year, West deleted tweets supporting the Republican leader.