Kanye West's controversial tweets that voice his support for U.S. President Donald J. Trump are making him some serious enemies in the hip-hop community.

Out For Blood

Recently, Daz Dillinger, a member of the hip-hop duo Tha Dogg Pound, issued a warning to the "Famous" rapper via Instagram on Sunday, April 29. The video post has since been deleted.

"Yo, national alert, all the Crips out there, y'all f*** Kanye up," the rapper said. "Better not ever see you in concert. Better not ever see you around the LBC. Better not ever see you around California. Stay in Calabasas, ya hear me? 'Cuz we got a Crip alert for Kanye."

Crips is an infamous gang based in Los Angeles.

Dillinger, whose real name is Delmar Drew Arnaud, recorded several records with Kurupt as Tha Dogg Pound. He collaborated with the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and more throughout his long and lustrous career.

On Twitter, he also posted, "F*** KANYE UP." The social media posts have since been deleted.

Dillinger's threat was a response to West's support for Candace Owens, a Black Lives Matter critic, and President Trump. Last week, West posted a photo of his "Make America Great Again" hat signed by the Republican leader.

 In a tweet, the rapper also criticized former U.S. President Barack Obama.

However, he warned his fans and critics not to call him a conservative until he has done enough research into the political affiliation.

West also voiced his admiration for Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of the Feb. 14 Parkland school shooting and one of the students behind the "March For Our Lives" rally in March.

Chance The Rapper, Lil B, and a few others have defended West's controversial politics.

New Album

At the heart of his Twitter rants, the 40-year-old rapper is in the process of promoting his next album which is tentatively titled Love Everyone and set to be released in June.

Last week, he shared a track that might be included in his upcoming work. The title of the track was "Lift Yourself" in which West repeats the word "poop" several times.

He also posted the album cover. Through a screenshot of a text conversation, he revealed that he will use a photo of plastic surgeon Jan Adams on the record.

Adams performed the final surgery on West's mother, Donda, before she died in 2007. Autopsy reports revealed that Donda suffered heart disease and "multiple post-operative factors" on the day that Adams performed liposuction and breast reduction surgery on her.

Adams responded to the tweet by telling The Blast: "It's a MacGuff[i]n."