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One Direction's Liam Payne, Pharell Williams [PHOTOS]: 'Best Song Ever' Singer Working w/ Pop Producer in L.A. Studio, N.E.R.D. & 1D Collaboration?

by Jon Niles   Aug 9, 2013 23:10 PM EDT

Producer and performer Pharrell Williams loves to surround himself with young talent in the pop music world. Earlier this year, we saw some pictures of him hanging out in his studio with Miley Cyrus, for instance, and now he's been pictured with One Direction's Liam Payne. What can we expect from this hangout?

There was no context to these Twitter photos, but earlier in the week Williams met up with Miley and her "We Can't Stop" producer Mike WiLL Made It. Perhaps all of these big names are coming together for a special project? Or maybe Pharrell just likes to surround himself with talent!

Liam and his One Direction mate Louis Tomlinson were just revealed to be the principle songwriters on the group's upcoming record. Mstars recently reported on this news. Here is an excerpt:

Take Me Home featured some tunes written by the boys, but they admit that taking the songwriting into their own hands could be a "risk."

"We wrote three songs on the last album, bit this is different," Louis Tomlinson told The Sun. "Liam and I have been spending our days off writing, It will be interesting to hear what people make of it but you'll always get criticized."

Harry added, "Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it's easy to hate One Direction."

A few months back, a track "leaked" online, which appeared to be a Harry Styles solo song. It turned out to be a demo for a song that was not used on One Direction's last record. In a recent interview with Australian radio station 2DayFM, Liam Payne talked about this incident.

"There's a lot of songs out there with just mine and Louis vocals on them when we've been doing writing together, and it's not that we're just like abandoning the group or anything," Liam said. "[In Harry's case] it's just that writer decided to put that song out because I don't think it made the album, so I think he might've been a bit distraught by it, I dunno."

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