Metric's recently released black and white music video for the new track, "Dark Sunday," was taken using a regular iPhone X. 

The music video was directed by Justin Broadbent and features all four members of the band doing mundane tasks, such as riding the train or walking in a deserted neighborhood. It dropped on Tuesday, July 17. 

Metric's New Track 

"The band and I agreed that shooting on an iPhone would be a good way to immediately connect a visual style to the authentic feeling of this record," said Broadbent of the monochromatic music video.

"I think this also let the band relax, not having a huge camera and lights around while allowing me the freedom to try things on the fly.  Even the design of the final video looks like four separate screens magically lining up together."

The music video of "Dark Sunday" follows all four members of Metric on a regular day. They go through their routines like eat dinner or do push-ups. It is also punctuated with moments that, as Broadbent said, line up like, for example, all four members looking up at the same time and the same direction or holding up letters to form the word "ever." 

This, of course, is not the first time that a music video was shot solely with a phone camera. Earlier this year, Emmy Award-nominated singer-actor John Legend released a music video for the song "Good Night," which he shot using Google Pixel 2. 

Selena Gomez also shot the vertical video of "Wolves," her collaboration with Marshmello, using her own iPhone. 

Even renowned Hollywood director Steve Soderbergh raised the bars even higher by filming an entire movie using an iPhone 7. Unsane, starring The Crown's Claire Foy, was created entirely using a mobile phone. 

Metric's Next Album

"Dark Saturday" is the first single from Metric's upcoming seventh album. A title has not been released as of yet, but it will follow 2015's Pagans in Vegas

In an interview with ET Canada, frontman Emily Haines explained that the track is a reflection of the rest of the album. She revealed that similar to their older records, the still-untitled next project will be guitar-heavy. 

The album will be released on Sept. 21, but fans can now sign up to preorder a limited edition and signed exclusive items via the band's official website 

In addition, Metric is heading on tour across Europe starting Oct. 25 in Moscow, Russia. The band is also currently playing as the opening act for the reunion tour of Smashing Pumpkins

Watch the music video for Metric's "Dark Saturday" below.