Wiz Khalifa insists that he is not a racist despite the criticism surrounding a line from his new track, "Hot Now."

Wiz Khalifa Defends 'Hot Now' Korean Lyrics

In a new interview, the rapper responded to the backlash, arguing that the lyric, which many deemed offensive, was not made to mock.

"Chill out, I'm not a racist. I love all races," he told The Breakfast Club. "I have Korean friends who are not offended, so I don't know those people who are saying that."

The offending line goes, "smoke got my eyes lookin' Korean." Many were not happy over the reference, saying that it was racist particularly because the stereotype was used to bully people of Korean descent in the United States.

Khalifa added that he, often, references other races in his song. He argued that he also says that he "smoke like a Jamaican" and "live like a white man."

"My art is up for interpretation," he stated. "So if it pisses you off, cool."

Complex noted that Khalifa was not the first and only rapper to reference the stereotype in a track. In the 2008 track "Amazin," Jeezy rapped in the chorus that his eyes would slant "like an Asian" whenever he smokes blunt.

Tyga Backs Wiz Khalifa

Tyga also came into the defense of his fellow against those who continue to criticize the lyric as racist. In a conversation with the paparazzi, Tyga, who is of Vietnamese descent, could not see anything wrong with the line.

He also said that Khalifa is his friend.