Avenged Sevenfold cancels its "End of the World" summer tour. Lead singer M. Shadows is under doctor's orders to rest his damaged vocal cords.

The announcement was made on the band's official website. Avenged Sevenfold was supposed to perform with Prophets of Rage and Three Days Grace.

M. Shadows Releases Statement

"There is no good way to start out a note containing bad news but here it is. After Europe, I cam down with a terrible viral infection that rendered me voiceless. I tried my best to take care of the situation with voice rest, medication and doctors visits but my voice was only getting worse," read the statement.

M. Shadows detailed what happened to him in the hospital and said that he was given steroids for a week to help ease the swelling. He learned that a blood blister has formed on his vocal folds making it impossible to vibrate properly. He said that he cannot sing at the moment so he cannot perform for his fans.

He said that it was not easy to come to the decision to cancel the show. After all, he has been looking forward to the band's concert. M. Shadows also apologized to his fans, especially to those who booked their travel arrangements just to see him perform.

Prophets of Rage also released its own statement following the "End of the World" summer tour cancelation. They said that Avenged Sevenfold's decision meant the Prophets of Rage's show in St. Louis on Aug. 13 and Portland on Aug. 25 have also been axed.

Avenged Sevenfold Albums, Songs

Avenged Sevenfold is an American heavy metal band from Huntington Beach, California, that was formed in 1999. The band's current lineup also includes Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates, Johnny Christ, Brooks Wackerman.

Some of the band's albums are Nightmare, Hail to the King, City of Evil, The Stage, Walking the Fallen, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, Hail to the King: Deathbat, Seize the Day, Warmness on Soul, Welcome to the Family, and more.

Avenged Sevenfold's songs are "So Far Away," "Dear God," "A Little Piece of Heaven," "Seize the Day," "Hail to the King," "Afterlife," "Shepherd of Fire," "Bat Country," "Buried Alive," "Beast and the Harlot," "Almost Easy," "Critical Acclaim," "Unholy Confessions," "Welcome to the Family," "This Means War," "God Damn," "Second Heartbeat," "Not Ready to Die," "Unbound," "Roman Sky," "God Hates Us," and more.