Pop star Taylor Swift once again finds herself at the center of a controversy after the full version of the controversial call between her and rapper Kanye West was leaked and went viral again on social media. 

(Photo : Rebecca Vargese via Indulge Express)
The controversial call between Kanye West (left) and Taylor Swift (right) was leaked again after four years.

The three-minute snippet of the call was first leaked in 2016 by Kim Kardashian through Snapchat, where she calls Swift a snake. The spliced video painted the "Trouble" singer a liar. Swift then went into a short hiatus until she released an album titled Reputation in 2017.  

Swifties, fans of the singer, was inspired by her resilience despite criticisms that she faced at that time.

The beef between the two artists started way back 2009 druing the MTV Video Music Awards. West went up the stage and interrupted Swift's acceptance speech for her Best Female Video Award for her hit "You Belong With Me." He mocked the then 19-year old pop star and said that Beyonce's "Single Ladies" music video was more deserving of the award. 

This incident is the rapper's reference to his song "Famous."

The Call Between West and Swift

West's single "Famous" from his The Life of Pablo album was the subject of his call with Swift.

The full version of the call indicated that Kanye called Swift the b-word. Swift found the song was disrespectful. 

The call was said to have been removed from Twitter, but both camps posted their copies on Twitter as well in case the primary source was taken down.

One of the most controversial lines in the call is when West said that he feels that Swift might have sex with him. The line, together with the whole leaked call, was transcribed and published in Variety and Stereogum.

People's Reactions to the Call 

Immediately after the call was leaked, reactions on social media spiked, especially on Twitter, with some even angered by West's words on the call.

Todrick Hill, Swift's friend, speaks out about the controversy via his tweet. "My heart breaks listening to that phone call, the fact that she even picked up the phone and wasted her valuable time to listen to that nincompoop speak is just a testament to how great a human she is. #KanyeWestIsOverParty," Hill says in his tweet published on E! News.

Hill lamented that West did not issue an apology about the call. "This is just not right," he adds.

Taylor's camp said that West did not call Swift to approve the lyrics or the single itself but to ask her to release the single on her Twitter account. Swift did not agree since the lyrics deemed to be misogynistic, especially when West used the b-word in the actual lyric.

For now, Swift is focused on her new album, Lover. Swift and West declined to comment about the issue.


Kanye West and Taylor Swift in 2016

The Life of Pablo is the seventh album of West. It includes the controversial song Famous. West produced the album alongside Rick Rubin and Noah Goldstein. It was released in February 2016 by GOOD Music and Def Jam Records.

The controversy between West and Swifte started in 2016 when West's wife Kim Kardashian leaked part of the said call on social media. The call caused a feud between West, Kardashian, and Swift. Taylor took a break from the industry until she released her next album, Reputation, in 2017. West released Ye in 2018 and Jesus is King last year.