Rock band Pearl Jam and pop star Dua Lipa unveiled their albums "Gigaton" and "Future Nostalgia" today. Gigaton was the band's eleventh album, while Future Nostalgia is the second album of the pop star. Billboard released the streaming of the two artists via Spotify.

Pearl Jam's Gigaton

The album was produced by Josh Evans and the band. The album follows the Grammy-award winning album "Lightning Bolt." Mike McCready, the band's guitarist said that they have many challenges before perfecting the album. "It was emotionally dark and confusing at times, but also an exciting and experimental road map to musical redemption," he said. For him, collaborating with his bandmates on Gigaton ultimately gave him "greater love, awareness and knowledge of the need for human connection in these times," he said during the band's press conference.

The band was supposed to have a tour all across North America to promote Gigaton but they cancelled all of the tour due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 12-track album features singles like "Who Ever Said," "Buckle Up," and "Alright."

Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia

Dua Lipa released her new album today instead of the original date, April 3. The album is a follow up to her first self-titled record. The album has singles like "Future Nostalgia," "Cool," and "Levitating."

Albums Launched in Q1 2020

2020 starts with many album releases. These albums are now hitting the airwaves and streaming sites. Here are the five anticipated albums released during the first quarter of this year.

1.)    Manic by Halsey (Jan.17)

Halsey dropped this album last January. Manic was her third album. Her hit single "Without Me" topped on Billboard's Top 100 List. After that, her other singles like "Graveyard" and "You Should Be Sad" were released. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Halsey described her new album as a mix of various genres.

2.)    Walls by Loius Tomlinson (Jan.31)

Louis Tomlinson is one of the former members of One Direction who created a new album after the boy band went into a hiatus. "Walls" is his his debut solo album. Before this, Tomilson collaborated with DJ Steve Aoiki for the single "Just Hold On."

3.)    Father of All MFs By Green Day (Feb.7)

Green Day released their 13th album titled "Father of All MFs".  They also they announced a tour this summer alongside Fall Out Boy and Weezer. However, Green Day had to postpone their tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. The album is also the shortest one, with 10 tracks that run for a total of just 26 minutes.

4.)    Changes by Justin Bieber (Feb.14)

The album was launched on Valentine's Day. It was a part of his #Bieber2020 project that includes tours, new singles, and a docuseries about himself. He started the year with his single "Yummy", his first solo release since 2015.

5.)    Map of the Soul:7 by BTS (Feb.21)

This album is like a continuation of the Map of the Soul album by the Korean band. The first one "Map of the Soul: Persona" was a record-setter for the group. The album released this year was planned and kept under the rug for a short time before its release.

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