Kelly Osbourne has just given the world an update on his dad Ozzy Osbourne's health amidst the coronavirus outbreak in a statement last yesterday, March 27.

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, the 35-year-old media personality shared that her dad is "frustrated" with staying home because of the shelter-in-place orders. 

Kelly said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the "Godfather of Heavy Metal" is "doing really good" after a stem cell procedure in Panama a few weeks back. She further shared in the interview that Ozzy "wants to get up... wants to do things" and "wants to be part of the world again." She also notes that the results from just a single session were "mind-blowing".

According to Kelly, her dad is now walking and talking better and is building the muscle strength needed after the spine surgery.

Multiple news sources have reported how the icon has spent most of the previous year trying to recuperate from various conditions, including pneumonia and a bad fall that had him undergo neck surgery.

Earlier this year, the former Black Sabbath frontman had to cancel his "No More Tours 2" due to the need to take medical treatment. He publicly revealed that he has been battling Parkinson's Disease for almost a year, having been diagnosed with a "mild form" shortly after his fall in February 2019.

"Everything is starting to fall into place now and it has given us so much hope", Kelly said before expressing her gratitude to the doctors who were with the Osbournes. She also adds that her dad keeps telling her that he has "been on quarantine for almost two years", and now that he's feeling better, the world is now on quarantine.

The younger British hyphenate expressed a longing for her parents, saying that if she had known that it would be the last time they'll be together for a few months, she "probably would have gone to Panama with him".

Ozzy and his wife, TV personality Sharon Osbourne, are currently in Panama for Ozzy's medical treatment. Kelly said that they call each other every day and that her dad sends her "the most disgusting memes."

A few days ago, Kelly posted a picture on Instagram that aims to help "put a smile" on her dad's face. Tagged #StayHomeForOzzy, she wishes that "there was something [she] could say to comfort you all." She also told her 2.1M followers that she now stays home for her parents and for people who don't have "anyone to stay home for," she asked them to stay home for Ozzy.

John Michael Osbourne, or Ozzy, began his decades-long career with providing lead vocals for Black Sabbath. While he was fired in 1979 due to substance issues, he would continue to have a solo career filled with multi-platinum albums and critically-acclaimed tours. He would also collaborate with Black Sabbath on multiple projects, including the band's last studio album "13" released in 2013.

Meanwhile, Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne is a singer-songwriter, as well as an actress, author, and fashion designer. Among her most famous appearances is with the rest of her family in the Emmy Award-winning reality show, "The Osbournes." She is a part of E!'s "Fashion Police" as well as the lineup of judges in "Australia's Got Talent" and the teen-oriented spinoff "Project Runway: Junior."