Demi Lovato in an interview in 2020
(Photo: Commons Wikimedia/ Vogue Taiwan)
Demi Lovato is on the right track with her comeback

Demi Lovato is the May 2020 cover of Harper's Bazaar. When she sat down for an interview (released on April 14) for the magazine, she talked about freedom and her relationships in the past and the now.  

The singer-songwriter is back on the right track. After being away for almost two years, the former Disney star has steadily picked up herself. She has come out stronger with a renewed sense of purpose and freedom. 

It will be recalled that Lovato had a near-fatal drug overdose on July 24, 2018. After a 911 call from her Hollywood Hills home, she was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. It took her almost two weeks to be confined to the hospital for her recovery.  

Previous to the headline-hugging episode, she had sought rehabilitation due to drug and alcohol abuse when she was 18 years old. At the same time, she was struggling with an eating disorder. During her time of recovery, she was diagnosed to have bipolar disorder.

Overwhelming support after her overdose ordeal came her way. At that time, the singer admitted the feeling of unworthiness to receive such encouragement. But she realized and understood that people were rooting for her, and "it meant everything." Lovato hoped that her experience will inspire those struggling with addiction to seek intervention. She stressed the importance of focusing on the "outpouring of love and support."  

Demi's one and a half years of hiatus provided her the time to focus on herself - to maintain her physical, emotional, and mental health. With her comeback, fans and the music industry welcomed it with warmth and anticipation.  

Her newest single, "I Love Me," was released on March 6. The empowering song is reflective of her past - fighting off inner demons, and finally feeling love and security in herself. The track will be part of a new album expected to be launched later this year. Her new music is a reflection of the inspirations she drew from some of the events in her life when she was away. 

Past relationships and Disney friends

Lovato had a long-time on and off relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama. When they met in 2010, she was 18 and Valderrama was 29. They parted ways in 2016. The actor recently got engaged to model Amanda Pacheco. Lovato believed that she needed the break-up so she can "learn to be okay on my own." She is reported to be in a relationship now with singer-actor Max Ehrich.

The 27-year-old singer revealed who among her Disney co-stars remain to be her friends. Lovato said that she is talking with Miley Cyrus. She recently guested on Bright Minded: Miley Cyrus' show on IG while in quarantine.  

Lovato had reconnected with Ariana Grande since both are now under the management of Scooter Braun. She told HB she loves the fact that she and Ariana have a supportive friendship "because it's hard to find," she added. 

When asked about Selena Gomez whom she had a close friendship during their early Disney days, she admitted they are not currently close. Lovato also admitted she has lost contact with the Jonas Brothers, whom she co-starred with in the Disney film, "Camp Rock."

Lovato feels triumphant with her independence, saying she finally feels free. Her life motto, she said was "powering through it."