Sam and Demi showing the world they are ready for someone to love them.
(Photo: YouTube/Sam Smith)
Sam and Demi showing the world they are ready for someone to love them.

Sam Smith and Demi Lovato dropped their much-anticipated collaboration titled "I'm Ready" yesterday, April 16. The promise was fulfilled as the powerhouse artists posted hints on their respective Twitter platforms last April 12.

In Smith's tweet, they asked Lovato "YOU READY?" to which Demi replied with "I'M READY." The fans anticipated the project, taking to Twitter on their excitement. Some even branded it the "collab of the decade." And now, the empowering new single, "I'm Ready" is finally on the airwaves. Both performers have declared on the new track they are ready to be loved.

The lyrics of the song spoke about their ideals of someone who would love and accept them, and the risk they are willing to take. On the rousing chorus, they declare "I'm ready for someone to love me."

On the accompanying music video, Smith and Lovato are seen separately in competitions of different Olympic events, such as wrestling, diving, track and field, synchronized swimming, and gymnastics. In one of the events, Smith was on the tracks joined by star-studded LGBTQ performers and drag stars. Notably, RuPaul's Drag Race contestants, Valentina and Gigi Goode were among those in the race.

The duo met each other during the momentous awarding ceremony. A gospel choir accompanies the pair, echoing their sentiments. Along with them, the two proclaim victoriously of their readiness to be loved. See their music video here:

As of this writing, Sam re-tweeted that their collab "I'm Ready" has entered Top Five of the U.S. iTunes. The music video, meanwhile, has hit 1.7 million views on YouTube in a span of 12 hours.

Before the single was released that day, Sam Smith sat down virtually for an online interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music. On the "At Home with Sam Smith Radio Show," the two discussed about Smith's upcoming projects. During the conversation, Smith gave a hint of what to expect from their collab with Lovato. They called it "2020 Abba," saying it sounds like a musical theatrical piece. Smith thought that "It feels cheesy at times."

It is expected that the new single, "I'm Ready" will be included in their new album. The original title of the album was "To Die For," but Smith decided the name is no longer appropriate, especially in the current time of pandemic gripping the world.

On the end part of March, Smith announced regrettably that their third album will undergo changes, and the release will have to be postponed. Originally planned launch date was on May 1. Apart from the name change, Smith said they might be more revisions in the new project.

In their interview with Lowe, Smith was pondering if the previously released singles, "Dancing With a Stranger," "How Do You Sleep" and "To Die For" will be taken off from the album. They might do "something completely fresh," to which Smith further added, that it will be a "completely new album."

Demi Lovato, on the other hand, has been making a remarkable comeback after being away for almost two years. Lovato has just released her newest track, "I Love Me" on March 6. She is due to star in Netflix film " Eurovision" together with Pierce Brosnan, Will Ferrell, and Rachel McAdams later this year.