Hip Hop star French Montana is now at the center of controversy today after he made a remark with regard to his colleague Kendrick Lamar. On All Hip-Hop and Complex he said this while discussing his possible battle on Instagram Live, "Kendrick Lamar got albums. He got masterpieces. But if you were to put us on the festival stage I would outshine him because I have more hits than Kendrick Lamar." 

French Montana and Kendrick Lamar 

Montana said that he might outshine Lamar if they face each other on the Instagram Live. After he defeated Tory Lanez, he thought who will be the next contender against him. In his series of tweets, he hinted his confidence on facing Lamar. His succeeding tweets showed his admiration to his colleague while insisting his talent that can challenge Lamar's. The rapper's later tweets were his response to some fans' reaction to his comment. 

But according to All Hip Hop and Stereogum, Montana's claim that he has more hits than Lamar were false. According to a tweet from Z, no French Montana songs has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He currently has two top 10 hit songs and made 17 chart entries. He also got four gold and nine platinum on his name. Montana, who came from The Bronx, has 103 releases including 18 albums and 79 singles. His albums include "Coke Boys," "Excuse My French," and "MC4." His hit singles include "Black Roses," "Pop That," and "Body Work." 

Lamar on the other hand has two songs that topped Hot 100, 8 Top 10 Hits and 48 Chart Entries. He also has15 gold and 24 platinum in his name. Lamar is known for his albums like "Section.80," "To Pimp a Butterfly," and "DAMN." His most popular singles include "Fragile," "HUMBLE," "Love," and "DNA." 

Lamar, according to Stereogum, has not yet made a comment about the issue. 

Young Thug 

While fans are attempting French Montana to be schooled about Kendrick's talent, his colleague Young Thug posted an Instagram video where he debunked Montana's claim, to which the latter responded. They also traded jabs using their bank accounts. "First of all, don't get in your feelings, bro," Young Thug said in his video. "I'm just speaking from the artist's standpoint. You don't got nowhere near more hits than no mother******* Kendrick Lamar," he added. 

Verzuz, the Instagram Live Battle 

Verzuz is an Instagram live face-off series initiated by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. The two created the battle to entertain fans. According to Deadspin and Hollywood Reporter, the debut episode made 6.3 million viewers with 5.8 million of them stuck around for the second hour. Billboard added that there are thousands to millions of people watching their battle on Instagram in every episode. With Verzuz's brand recognition and spiked viewership, it serves as an alternative for sports and live-in person entertainment, whice are currently banned as a measure to resolve the pandemic.