Alicia Keys sure knows how to lift lagging spirits through her music. On April 23, Thursday, the singer-songwriter released her latest single, "Good Job" as her way of honoring and celebrating the frontline workers involved in the war with COVID-19.

The Grammy-winning singer's honorary piece, "Good Job," was initially dedicated to her family - particularly her mother and grandmother - and friends who have struggled with daily life and yet kept going. The song, which she wrote with husband hip-hop artist and record producer Swizz Beatz, along with the Dream and Avery Chambliss, was recorded last year as part of her upcoming album, titled, "Alicia."

In an interview with CNN, Keys said, "Good Job" was "obviously created for this moment." She shared it was an honor for her to celebrate the unsung, everyday heroes who are giving their all but, sadly, fail to be appreciated for the unselfish work they do. On her April 24 Twitter post, she wrote, "I wrote this for all the people that work so hard and never hear the words Good Job." "I believe in us," she added.

Listen to the audio of her song -

The 15-time Grammy-winning songwriter partnered with CNN for a new CNN Heroes campaign program to honor ordinary individuals and groups who are at the forefront battling the COVID-19. The heartwarming single will serve as the theme song for the broadcasting company's campaign.

On the song debut last April 24 featured in CNN town hall show with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Keys was shown playing the piano while singing the song. Visuals, provided by CNN, were shown, which featured images of people from across the globe doing their everyday work with their new work gear, the mask. The footages offer a glimpse of the emotional struggles marked on the faces of the unsung heroes.

"You're doing a good job, Don't get too down" are the uplifting verses on the chorus part. Keys, on-point sings, "The world needs you now. Know that you matter, matter ..."

The "Girl on Fire" admitted that when she watched the visuals with her "Good Job" song, she was moved to tears. And she was not the only one. Netizens on Twitter applauded her contribution and thanked the artist for her inspiring music. The fans were deeply touched and shared how the song affected their hearts.

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Keys has released three singles before the launch of her seventh studio album, "Alicia." Previous singles that came out were "Underdog," "Time Machine," and "Show Me, Love," May 15 was the supposed album release date. Both projects are temporarily put on the shelves for now due to the current pandemic situation. New dates are yet to be calendared for the album launch and the tour.

Last March, music icon Keys launched her memoir titled "More Myself: A Journey." The book, which is said to be "part autobiography, part narrative documentary," reveals how the singer struggled to know herself. Keys, 39, underwent soul-searching, which inspired her to pen her story into a book.