Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many concerts are canceled or postponed. For this, some people wonder about getting refunds for their concert tickets 

The Refund

Consumers spent $3.5 billion on concert tickets in the United States this summer. Due to cancelations, getting a refund has become a severe problem for ticket sellers and buyers alike. 

If a concert was canceled, the refund would automatic, but for postponed events, it is different. Some fans got angry when some of their tickets weren't refunded after the pandemic forced some concerts to postpone or reschedule.

Last April 17, Ticketmaster announced that they would give assurance to customers that they will honor its "longstanding practice of allowing refunds on canceled or postpone events." This statement customers' uproar regarding refunds only issued for canceled shows. 

AEG Presents meanwhile offered customers refunds for canceled concerts starting May 1 for 30 days. Tickets for shows that are not yet canceled will not be eligible for refunds. The policy came after fellow ticketing company StubHub was sued over its policy of only offering coupons worth 120% of its purchase price instead of a refund. The lawsuit costs $5 million. StubHub revised its policy and offered a refund instead of a coupon.

Refund guidelines

Here are guidelines to avail refunds

  1. If a concert were canceled or postpones, the producers and promoters of the event would offer a refund to buyers. The refund is a standard operating procedure in a normal day. The coronavirus pandemic forced many concerts to cancel or postpone their events all at once. The mass cancellation caused delays to some fans seeking refunds, but in normal cases, refund information and exchange are being sent by email to the buyers.
  2. You have a right to have a money-back if a concert was canceled or postponed to a date you can't attend. Some promoters said that buyers waived their right to a refund once they bought a ticket. However, some state or local laws supersede on whatever legal wording fans have to agree when buying tickets. Buyers can call credit card companies about revising ticket charges for canceled events though it can have its own challenges.

Refund from Ticketmaster

The company will refund the full cost of the tickets plus fees for all canceled shows under its umbrella. The refund will be automatically paid to the buyer via its payment method. Like AEG, they will also advise their fans to expect a refund within a month. If it is from a third party promoter aside from AEG, the decision to offer refunds will be at the hands of the said promoter. Some promoters do not offer refunds for shows being postponed.

Refund from AXS

AXS urges their fans to check if the concert their ticket bought from was canceled or postponed. All buyers will receive an email about the status of the event. If its canceled, the refund will be given for 30 working days since the announcement of the cancellation. If it is from Live Nation or AEG, they will have a chance to have a refund on a postponed show. They will have 30 days to apply for a refund.

If the event is not from AEG, AXS would email its fans about the status of the show. If the show was rescheduled, the ticket is still valid.

Refund from Eventbrite

Eventbrite encourages its buyers to check their website about the venue of the show you will attend. If the event was canceled, the ticket price and its other fees would be refunded, go to their website for instructions. If it's postponed, the company will tell buyers to contact the organizer to know about rescheduled dates and possible refunds.