Many sensational movies released on the big screen illicit, at its best, unexplainable thrill and kickass fun for cinema lovers. At times you find yourself going over and over an emotionally evoking scene or dialogue only to relive the experience. While some movies are stored in your memory, others linger on and find a way into the boob tubes. 

Here are 9 TV series that jumped out of the silver screen. 

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther
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Henry Mancini's iconic musical score began in a 1963 classic movie Inspector Clouseau. The inspector, played by Peter Sellers, chases a thief who is after the Pink Panther diamond. Two TV shows with the movie's animated panther were born out of the film: "The Pink Panther Show," which started in 1969 and lasted for a decade and "The Pink Panther" in September 1993; it ran for two seasons.


The long-running TV series, M*A*S*H, was a spin-off from the movie of the same title. It depicts three American military doctors during the Vietnam war. The black comedy film that earned $81.6 million was released in January 1970. The TV show began in 1972 and went on air for 11 years.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as Buffy Summers, the slayer out to get vampires.

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as Buffy Summers, the slayer out to get vampires, but this is in the TV series version.

Not many viewers are aware that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," which lasted seven seasons, came from a film of the same title shown in 1992, and Kristy Swanson played Buffy Summers. The same writer Joss Whedon created the TV show, which aired from 1997 to 2003.


Released in 1996, "Fargo" is a black comedy thriller movie that raked in $60.6 million in the box-office. The TV version debuted after almost 20 years in 2014 and had been around for three seasons. The fourth season production was put to a halt due to the coronavirus crisis.


The 1998 drama-comedy movie with an all-star cast features the family life of Gil Buckman (portrayed by Steve Martin) and their struggles at home and work. The first TV episode of "Parenthood" was shown in March 2010 and the last one in January 2015.

10 Things I Hate About You

The classic rom-com Julia Stiles-Heath Ledger film that depicted teen romance was shown in 1999. After 10 years, in July 2009, a smaller screen version went on air for a year

Bates Motel

"Bates Motel" is a psychological horror drama spin-off series from the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie "Psycho." The TV series followed after the 1993 "Bates Motel" movie and started airing in March 2013, lasting until April 2017.


The science thriller film franchise from Michael Crichton opened in theaters in 1973. The "Westworld" dystopian show is now an HBO hit-science fiction series, running for three seasons. It debuted in October 2016.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights
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The 2004 drama film tells the story of Coach Gary Gaines who heads a high school football team. The energy of the sports-themed movie emanated in the homes in October 2006 and had a five-season run.