Each year since the late '70s, Black Music Month is commemorated in the U.S. in June. 

The Black Music Month celebration highlights the influential contribution of African-American sound to American music history. This year, the observation is most suitable as the country reels from protests, clamoring for justice over the unfortunate death of George Floyd in the hands of men in uniform. 

Together with the Black Lives Matter movement, music artists and record labels are voicing their solidarity to the monumental cause.

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Streaming platforms have their nooks to be one with the celebration of Black Music Month 2020. 

Take a look at the list below and immerse yourself in the beats of Black music:

Apple Music

Sounds of the Diaspora is how Apple Music attributes Black Music Month 2020. It showcases Black musicians and their foundational contribution to modern pop music. 

This week, Apple focuses on the roots where the building blocks of history started. It covers African music and its impact on a full circle of influence. The Caribbean and Latin American sounds are also covered

Apple Music presents five sections per musical genre:

(1) featured playlists of the particular category;

(2) essential artists and their albums highlighting their works;

(3) landmark albums from contemporaries;

(4) the fourth section called "carrying the torch" features influenced modern collections; and

(5) list of recommended songs to hear.

The showcased music genres covered by Apple Music are from Marabi to Afropop, from reggae to dancehall, from salsa to merengue and from reggaeton to Latin trap.


TikTok believes that Black artists and creators are advocates of creating and shaping culture. The #blackmusic currently has 78.2 million views.

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TikTok uplifts the iconic Black creators and influencers. It spotlights upcoming Black artists with potentials to hit it big. Here are several of most loved and trending 15-second to fame videos:

   @mr.nesmith Justice will be served. Change will be seen. ##blacklivesmatter ##blackmusic ##fyp  ♬ original sound - mr.nesmith     

 @andrewdeonearley ##blackculture ##blackmusic ##forblackhistory ##blackpeople ##blackgirl ##blackhistory ##african ##africa ##africanamerican ##TexansHelpingTexans ##toosieslide ♬ Broke Bitch - Tiny Meat Gang  


Spotify has created a playlist to celebrate Black Music Month 2020. It offers 20 mixed songs from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Common, James Brown, among others.

The 286 million user-platform also has a line-up of other albums highlighting genres such as soul, R&B, rap and hip-hop, and funk. There is a special album as a tribute to President Obama, the first Black American president. It also features several podcasts and videos. 

How it all began

Music industry executive leaders Kenny Gamble, Ed Wright, and Dyana Williams pioneered the movement. It aims to celebrate and promote black music. Hence, it was named Black Music Month. These executives believe the talents and skills of American-African musicians, singers, composers, and songwriters deserve to be honored yearly. Black music underpins gospel music, rhythm and blues, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, soul, rap, rock and roll, and other music genres.

President Jimmy Carter declared the month of June as Black Music Month on June 7, 1979. From thereon, it has been celebrated annually with the proclamations of the past presidents.

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