Pop rap, also known as melodic rap, is a fusion genre incorporating the accessible and catchy tunes of pop music with the complex lyricality often found in hip-hop. As a result, it takes both worlds' best, creating a distinct appeal to fans of either genre.

First popularized by Run DMC and the Beastie Boys, pop rap albums have found an increased presence in the early 1990s. To hype up your next party, here are four of the most wished pop rap albums you can find on Amazon.

"2014 Forest Hills Drive" by J. Cole (2014)

2014 Forest Hills Drive
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Rapper J. Cole took a whole year to craft his studio album "2014 Forest Hills Drive." Noted as an ambitious project at the time of release, critics lauded J. Cole's musical versatility. As proof, it debuted at the No. 1 spot of the US Billboard 200 with 353,000 equivalent album sales. The album title is an address significant for J. Cole. He lived his younger years here, wrote some of his first songs, and decided to pursue a career in music.

Hear the four popular songs that supported the pop rap album: "Apparently," "Wet Dreamz," "No Role Modelz," and "Love Yourz." Enjoy all thirteen tracks in this 12-inch, 33-rpm vinyl record from Amazon.

"Flower Boy" by Tyler, The Creator (2017)

Flower Boy
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"Flower Boy" is the general, sanitized title for the fourth studio album of the one and only Tyler, the Creator. It is also known as "Scum F**k Flower Boy." Either way, the jazz, neo soul, and pop rap album is a must-have for fun and relaxed listening sessions. It features collaborations with some of the best artists of the time- Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne, Rex Orange Country, Steve Lacy, and more. Its acclaim led to "Flower Boy claiming the number two spot on the US album charts."

In this 12-inch, 33rpm vinyl record now available on Amazon, let your turntable play the hit songs "Who Dat Boy," "911," "Boredom," "I Ain't Got Time!" and "See You Again."

"Circles" by Mac Miller (2020)

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Released at the start of this year, "Circles" was Mac Miller's sixth and final studio album. It was recorded in 2018 and published posthumously, as the Pennsylvania-native passed away last September 2018. While mainly an emo rap project, it was also a soft rock, R&B, and pop rap album in different aspects, making it particularly hard to label under a single genre. A lingering question partly shadowed its overwhelming success. "Circles" (2020) and "Swimming" (2018) were supposed to be the first two parts of a trilogy.

Lose yourself in this experimental vinyl record from Amazon. Aside from the title track, listen to musically different tracks, "Good News," "Complicated," and "Surf."

"IGOR" by Tyler, The Creator

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The fifth album and successor to "Flower Boy" was released in May last year. It opened immediately at the top spot of the US Album charts. Tyler self-produced the entire pop rap album and features vocals from Playboi Carti, Solange, Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West, CeeLo Green, and more.

The twelve-track setlist includes "Igor's Theme," "Earfquake," "What's Good," and "Are We Still Friends?"