Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello shares an emotional music video for her 2019 single, "First Man." The new video features home videos with her dad, uploaded Sunday, June 21.

Camila Cabello dedicates her
(Photo: Melissa Rose via Wiki Commons)

In celebration of Father's Day, the former Fifth Harmony member posted the new video on YouTube. "Papa, I made this for you. thank you for loving me, unconditionally, ferociously, and constantly," Cabello captioned, referring to her dad Alejandro. She added that it didn't matter if she fails or succeeds. She also thanked her father for "showing me what love is and for showing me how to be loved."

"I will always be your little girl ️ te amo mucho papa, thank you for being my hero, happy Father's Day," Camila added.

In the new music video, a series of home videos showing the Cabello family plays in an old television. The TV is situated in a plain, white room as Cabello sings her 2019 single. 

Near the end of the music video, Camilla Cabello tearfully sings: "But you were the first man that really loved me."

The Father's Day Anthem for 2020

Camila Cabello also shared a one and a half minute snipped of the video on Instagram. She shared the same caption, adding that the full video is on her YouTube account. As of this writing, the clip has close to three million views. Both fans and fellow celebrities flocked to express love and admiration for the Cuban-American artist's new music video.

Alexander Goldsmith, associate director at Digital Media Management, called Camila the "Queen of old home videos" and "Queen of having a Dad." He also later wrote: "Excuse me while I spend Father's Day crying to First Man."

Grammy Award-winning musician Alejandro Sanz, singer-songwriter David Bisbal, "CIA" and "Alias" star Jennifer Garner, and celebrity make-up expert Clarissa Luna all extended their appreciation in Camila Cabello's IG post.

A fan account for Camila wrote:" The whole video made me cry, it also reminded me of my dad who i love with all my heart, the tears in her eyes that she was holding made me cry!" The comment then expressed thanks for "this masterpiece," saying that Camila "slayed once again."

"First Man," from Camila Cabello's "Romance" Album

"First Man" was the fourteenth and final track from Camila Cabello's second album "Romance." Her pop-rock ballad illustrates a girl's relationship with her father, even as she begins a new romantic relationship with a guy. It has peaked at No. 94 on the Hot 100, shortly after Cabello performed it at the 62nd Grammy Awards earlier this year.

Before it was officially released last year, "First Man" was first leaked in October 2018. The leaked 2018 version included strings, as opposed to the piano-only version that was released.

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Her 2020 Grammy performance of "First Man" created a spike of about 68,000% in less than 24 hours. It will again rise by almost 81,000% after another 24 hours. In the two days following her live performance, the total equivalent sales for "First Man" reached 11,000 copies. It became the fourth most-streamed single on the day following the Grammys.

Watch Camila Cabello's "First Man" music video below: