Lauv has been very busy over the quarantine period, returning with his new EP "Without You," and the music video for one of its singles, "Dishes," Wednesday, June 24.

The American singer-songwriter, born Ari Staprans Leff, has been teasing about his latest project in his social media accounts. Leff posted a series of selfies, presumably in his Los Angeles crib. His post was captioned: "new music this week!!!" He followed it up with another tease for his followers, asking what if he told them that he'd be "putting out multiple songs this week."

On Tuesday, June 23, he finally announced on Twitter and Instagram that he would be dropping his "Without You" EP on Wednesday, June 24, at 9 AM. The EP is comprised of four tracks: "Dishes," "Mine (You Can't Find Love in Mollywood)," "Miss Me," and "Love Somebody."

Lauv With A Lot of "Dishes"

On his YouTube account, Lauv has already uploaded the music video for "Dishes," as well as audio-only versions for the other three tracks. In his music video, the 25-year-old artist reminisces a past relationship in a kitchen filled with many "dishes." 

"Sweet dreams and the best for you/I'm done gettin' stressed for you," the song began. He then spends the 2:38 video dancing to its party-related lyrics over soft R&B beats: "A party on the weekend/And everyone is here/But it feels so weird, without you." 

As he enters his second verse, however, the beat narrows down to a clap and a droning rhythm. Lauv himself transitions to the darker, sadder part by sitting on the floor, surrounded by cupboards, before returning to the more upbeat chorus.

With a simple setting for his song, Ari Leff managed to pull off a narrative that features a light reminiscing of the past against its sadder questions of what could've been.

"How I'm Feeling" and "Breaking Modern Loneliness"

"Dishes" follows Ari Leff's  previous music video for "El Tejano," which featured Mexican artist Sofía Reyes. "El Tejano" is among the tracks from his debut studio album "How I'm Feeling," released last March. 

His first album also spawned the hits "Feelings," "Sweatpants," "Sad Forever," and "Modern Loneliness." It also contained collaborations with other famous artists such as BTS ("Who"), LANY ("Mean It"), and Anne-Marie ("F**k, I'm Lonely").

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At the start of May, also known as the Mental Health Awareness Month, the "I Like Me Better" artist hosted a live-streamed show on YouTube through his non-profit arm, The Blue Boy Foundation. Among his guests were his collaborators Alessia Cara, Anne-Marie, and Sofía Reyes. Together they discussed coping in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The Lauv-hosted event also raised funds for the foundation, which is intended to support efforts toward mental health care and awareness.

Later in the month, Ari Leff launched his own podcast and radio series called "Breaking Modern Loneliness." Lauv discusses important topics on "all things human relationships, mental health, and technology." 

In his debut episode, he had mxmtoon on the show. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter shared her experiences and advice about maintaining a relationship during the social media age.

Watch "Dishes" below:

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