Grammy nominee, Demi Lovato is mourning the death of her grandfather. Perry, Lovato's grandfather, had been sick for several years. She announced the death on Wednesday morning, July 1.

Demi Lovato posted a heartfelt tribute on Instagram alongside the picture of his grandfather, saying she to the news of her grandfather's death. She then said her grandfather has been "sick for a couple of years now." She continued by saying that although she is relieved that her grandfather is no longer in pain; she claimed that "it still hurts to think our family won't get to say goodbye with a proper funeral." This, according to Lovato, is their "reality during this pandemic."

Lovato ended her tribute message by saying how she wished she had taken "more pictures" with her grandfather before he died. She added that she has so memories to make her smile, and bids her grandfather farewell, saying, "until we meet again someday. Rest easy. Love you." The "Anyone" singer included a throwback photo of her grandfather at his young age. Also, a picture of the preacher giving her a kiss that seems to be at a fan event backstage. The star also told her 86.3 million Instagram followers that Perry "loved God FIERCELY and was one of the best preachers [sic] I've ever had the honor of witnessing spread the word of God."

Demi's mother mourns

On Wednesday, Dianna De La Garza, mother of Demi Lovato also took to Instagram to remember her father. "Sure am gonna miss you, Chief," she captioned a throwback photo of herself with her father, Perry. It includes a note addressed to her dad. "I'm broken-hearted but happy that you're no longer suffering here on earth," she said. "You were the best Daddy in the whole world. I'll love you forever," she added.

Demi Lovato and Max Enrich

Throughout the pandemic, Demi has been with her boyfriend Max Enrich.

Lovato and Enrich started dating in March according to US Magazine. In June, she told her Instagram followers that she feels unconditionally loved and accepted by the 29-year-old "Young and the Restless" alum. Enrich has been "such a positive Lil beam of light" in her life.

Enrich is among the many people who supported Lovato in this sad time of her grandfather's passing. The actor commented on a heart and prayer hands emoji in Lovato's post.

Demi Lovato's previous loss

The Camp Rock star lost her great-grandfather in 2015, and in 2016 "the world's most special woman" her great-grandmother. Demi ended up having a tattoo on her forearm in May 2019 in memory of her great-grandmother.


Demi said in an Instagram post that her tattoo is of her "Mimaw." She added "You at 26 on my arm while I'm 26, and forever." After saying she loves her great-grandmother, she then thank the artist who made the tattoo: "Thank you @_dr_woo_ for making her come back to life for me... it's stunning and the most meaningful tattoo I have ever gotten." 

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