Ever since BTS was formed in Seoul, South Korea, in 2010, it has only gone forward. The seven-member phenomenon has established themselves as K-Pop idols with resounding success in various parts of the world.

Aside from releasing hits such as the Halsey-supported "Boy With Luv" and their collab with Lauv "Make It Right," the boys have also used their platform to advance humanitarian causes.

See why millions of fans love J-Hope, RM, Suga, V, Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin with these seven BTS Dolls, only available on Amazon. These Mattel articulated dolls are inspired by their outfits, as seen from the music video for their 2018 hit "Idol."

BTS V Idol Doll

For new members of the ARMY, Kim Taehyung's screen name stands for "V." True enough, the BTS dancer and visual definitely scores a victory for fans with his strawberry blonde hair, which is his signature for this toyline.

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His BTS Doll version wears the same coat with the psychedelia-inspired pattern. Underneath, he has a plain white shirt with a pair of hearts on its collar. Pose V anyway you want once you got your own item from Amazon.

BTS Jungkook Idol Doll

Jeon Jungkook is best known among the fandom as their "maknae," their youngest sibling. He is also among their most flexible performers. This dance line member also supports their main rappers and ranks high among fans in terms of vocals.

BTS Jungkook
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In his BTS Doll form, Jungkook sports the uncommon dragonfruit-red hair color, which he pulls off with no effort. His brighter-than-usual hair complements the "Idol" MV, together with his gold ensemble patterned with diamonds. Get your gem in this Jungkook doll, only on Amazon.

BTS RM Idol Doll

The one and only Rap Monster owns the highest-charting solo Korean album on the US' Billboard 200. Born Kim Nam-Joon, RM serves as the leader of BTS. Moreover, this English-fluent musician is also an academic heavyweight, reportedly having an IQ of 148.

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As a BTS Doll, only on Amazon, he does take after the main rapper. He has his slicked-back gray-green hair. For his outfit, his collectible counterpart sports the same dark-green/silver suit with a hexagonal pattern. A fun fact, the polka dot shirt RM wore in the MV is a Comme des Garçons item with a $480 price tag.

BTS J-Hope Idol Doll

J-Hope looks as innocently charming, even in his BTS doll form. He has his dazzling zigzag-patterned outfit and his "comma hair," all captured in his miniature Mattel merchandise. His signature hairstyle for the "Idol" music video refers to the large bangs that curve perfectly like the punctuation mark.

BTS J-Hope
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Born Jung Ho-Seok, J-Hope is among the BTS rap line members and is among their main dancers. Even when choosing his stage name, Ho-Seok has kept their fans in mind. He went with J-Hope to offer light and hope for their ARMYs.

BTS Jin Idol Doll

With his white hoodie underneath a colorful printed suit, Jin pulls off that weird mix of style and eccentricity. His BTS doll form is a mini-Jin that fans can have via Amazon. It has his platinum-blonde hair, as seen from the MV. However, stocks are quickly running out, so make sure you get yours now.

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Born Kim Seok Jin, this vocal-visual member is hailed by his fellow members as having the "best body" in Bangtan. Aside from his stunning visual, he is also widely known for his vocal range and his falsetto.

BTS Jimin Idol Doll

Park Ji-min, better known by the mononym Jimin, is the main dancer and lead vocals for BTS. The Busan native is known as the last member to formally join the group before its 2010 launch. During his tenure, Jimin has also released solo tracks such as "Lie" and "Serendipity."

BTS Jimin
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In his "Idol" appearance, Jimin sports an earthy, taupe-like color with his signature hairstyle. He also has his distinct printed suit for this music video. Sure enough, his own BTS doll takes over the K-Pop idol with amazing accuracy. Try to capture Jimin's hit dance moves with this fully poseable, articulated merch.

BTS SUGA Idol Doll

Born Min Yoon Gi, Suga forms the foundation of the BTS rap line with RM. During his pursuit of a solo project, he released the mixtape "Agust D." Read backwards, his pseudonym turns to "DT Suga" - "DT" refers to his hometown of Daegu Town.

BTS Suga
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For this Mattel-produced BTS doll lineup, the Suga doll also stays true in terms of hair color. The item's rooted hair is a reminder of Suga's choice to depart from his brighter hair colors from their past appearances.

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