Chris Sligh, contemporary Christian music (CCM) artist and "American Idol" finalist, is fighting against COVID-19. The singer revealed his battle on his social media page Tuesday, July 7.

Sligh, who finished tenth on "Idol" season six, has also developed a coronavirus-related case of pneumonia. He took to Instagram to share a picture of himself in a healthcare facility in Nashville, Tennessee. His Monday post was captioned: "My world right now. Covid suuuuucks."

(Photo : Chris Sligh's Instagram Account)
Chris Sligh, an "Idol" alum, battles COVID-19 and related pneumonia. He revealed his condition through posts on his social media pages.

He then updated his fans to extend his "thank you for the prayers & kind words." Chris Sligh went on to explain that he has "Covid that has devolved into pneumonia." The "American Idol" alum described the difficulty of coughing or "breathing without pain." Sligh added that he wasn't able to "get much sleep last night," hoping that his medicines "do their work and fast."

In his Twitter account, a longer account of how he contracted the disease was posted late Tuesday evening. "On June 24, Chris Sligh was made aware that a co-writer had been exposed to Covid, and on June 25, Chris began to exhibit symptoms of the disease," the statement explained. It continued by saying that two days later, on June 27, Sligh was tested to positive results.


By the following week, his wife Sarah and their two children Keira, nine years old, and McCartney, seven years old, all contracted the highly contagious disease. The statement from Chris Sligh's Twitter updated that the kids have recovered, with Sarah Sligh "doing wonderful in her recovery."

The "American Idol" season six finalist was admitted on July 6, reportedly "after 2 days of symptoms becoming more serious. Chris Sligh, the "Empty Me" and "Vessel" artist, was later diagnosed with double pneumonia. He has been sent home to recover.

Two weeks ago, Laine Hardy, "American Idol" season seventeen winner, also revealed that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19. The 19-year-old artist wrote that his symptoms are mild, and he is currently recovering under home quarantine.

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Chris Sligh's "American Idol" Journey

He began his journey in the then-Fox TV show by appearing in the Birmingham, Alabama audition. He sang Seal's 1994 hit "Kiss from a Rose," sweeping judge Paula Abdul who gave him a standing ovation. Sligh stood out with his ambition of making "David Hasselhoff cry." It was a reference to Hasselhoff's tearing up as Taylor Hicks won the previous season.

He further earned attention as all judges, including Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, talked about the contestant who did not look like the typical American Idol. Chris Sligh made his last performance on March 28, 2007, with The Police's 1976 "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic."

"Running Back to You" and Solo Career

By November 2007, Sligh has signed under Brash Music, an independent label based in Atlanta. He released his solo album, "Running Back To You," in May 2008. It spawned the CCM hit "Empty Me," which topped at number six on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs Charts. It was also the best-selling Christian album at the time of its release. "Running Back To You" broke through the all-genre album chart Billboard 200 at number 190.

Since then, Chris Sligh has released eight more albums since "Running Back To You." His latest work, "Sing, Vol. 1," was released on July 6, 2019.