A well-informed decision is always the key to choosing the best item. When looking for the best studio headphones, you need first to understand the different specifications of various models. It would help if you consider the sensitivity, headphone drivers, and impedance. These details will help you understand the science behind their functions and distinctions.

When it comes to headphones, select the right pair that suits your needs rather than how much it costs. Take note that cheap pair might damage your ears. Audio-Technica is one of the manufacturers of great headphones. You should review their products when choosing a professional headphone. Let us take a look at some points of why Audio-Technica [AMAZON] can be your best choice.

Open-Air Dynamic Headphones

4 Best Audio-Technica headphones to keep the music crisp [AMAZON]
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Audio Technica AUD ATHAD1000X Audiophile ATH-AD1000X Open-Air Dynamic Headphones

Professional headphones must consider the quality of the frequency range, blocking of external noise, and comfort level. ATH-AD1000X audiophile headphones have them all. These headphones are combined with superior vocal and instrumental reproduction added with the soundstage of an open-air ear cup design. These headphones will avoid any uncomfortable feeling as it has a proprietary 3D wing support system and a smooth-textured suede ear pads. With our usual concern, which is irritability with our ears, surely we won't have a problem because it provides not just good sounds but also luxurious comfort hour after hour of using the device. 

Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

4 Best Audio-Technica headphones to keep the music crisp [AMAZON]
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Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black

When looking for headphones to use with your monitor, expect to hear a better sound than what your monitor produces. ATH-M30x professional monitor headphones are a good choice to have a bass reflex and excellent sound quality without overlooking the comfort of using it. 

ATH-M30x professional monitor headphones are combined with high-quality materials and modern engineering. These headphones were specifically made for studio tracking and mixing. It has added features to increase portability. ATH-M30x is a great choice for field recording and perfect for long sessions in the studio.

Professional Studio Monitor Headphone with Cutting Edge Engineering

4 Best Audio-Technica headphones to keep the music crisp [AMAZON]
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Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone

Spending more money on a premium set of headphones is better if you want to do studio recordings and polish your skills to a professional grade. ATH-M40x professional monitor headphones are enhanced with cutting edge engineering and robust construction. The headphones are tuned flat to have an accurate audio monitoring even to an extended frequency range.

Of course, a professional would want to have a superior sound isolation experience and 90-degree swiveling earcups for a more convenient one-ear monitoring. To a professional DJ, it is best if the headphones are engineered with pro-grade materials. It's usually critical to use headphones if it's not collapsible. But ATH-M40x is the perfect collapsible headphones you may use for space-saving portability. 

Professional Grade Studio Monitor Headphones with Detachable Cable

4 Best Audio-Technica headphones to keep the music crisp [AMAZON]

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade, Critically Acclaimed, With Detachable Cable

Some headphones have an extended frequency range and function to reproduce natural and warm sound like the ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones. They have a great sound quality and critically acclaimed sonic performance that audio engineers are amazed at. Throughout an extended frequency range, it comes with deep and accurate bass response. The M50x has an unmatched experience for most of the critical audio professionals. It also comes with 1.2 m - 3.0 m (3.9' - 9.8') detachable coiled cable and detachable 1.2 m (3.9') straight cable that will help you move freely while wearing the headphones.