Justin Bieber is not just the name of an artist. It has grown into a global brand - teaming up with shopping apps, sports apparel, clothing lines, and even perfumes. As he and his Beliebers grew older, Justin has adapted to maturing tastes and preferences.

One of the product lines that carry the Justin Bieber brand is a series of signature fragrances. From 2011 to 2014, Biebs has continuously unveiled his signature fragrances for women. Below are the first three perfumes he released. Show some self-love with these three signature fragrances from Justin Bieber, now available on Amazon.

Someday (2011)

This fruity fragrance is one of the best-selling fragrances of the year. Within three weeks since its launch, Justin Bieber's "Someday" grossed more than $3 million in sales at Macy's alone. Industry experts have called it the "most successful celebrity scent launch ever.

(Photo: Amazon.com)

Feel that rush of confidence that comes with its sweet scent. Labeled as "more than just a fragrance," its official page on Justin Bieber's Amazon page calls it "energy with a state of mind that inspires." Beliebers all around the world gets to take a step closer to Justin with his first-ever fragrance.

"Someday" is carefully crafted from top notes of wild berry, juicy pear and mandarin. It fuses with a heart note of jasmine and creamy florals, finished with a dash of vanilla. Get your own bottle now and start wearing that persuasive scent.

Girlfriend (2012)

Maintaining the momentum from his 2011 hit perfume, Justin Bieber returns with his sophomore scent - the more mature "Girlfriend." With subtle hints of pink freesia and star jasmine, this next Bieber scent is perfect for giving off that fresh and classy aura. Mix it with notes of juicy blackberry and crisp mandarin and you get a well-bodied scent to radiate that powerful woman vibe.

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Also, rest assured that you get only the authentic product at the best price at Justin Bieber's Amazon page, even ensuring that it gets to you ASAP with the free Prime shipping. Enjoy the scent and enjoy its bottle. The 3.4-ounce work of art features a classy purple bottle nestled safely in a red-and-violet outer case. A gold lace embraces the center, keeping the bottle secure with its magnetic capped case.

The Key (2013)

This one was first announced with the arrival of a video teaser back in July 2013. He's no longer the starry-eyed kid behind "Baby." With JB now a man, fans around the world had their hearts skip a beat when he released its official short film later that year.

The Key
(Photo: Amazon.com)

The aesthetics surrounding "The Key" was reportedly overseen by Bieber himself. In fact, the signature gold-colored key, according to his Amazon selling page, "represents an authentic symbol from Justin to his fans, reminding them to always believe." Proving once again that Biebs never forgets his fans.

Enclosed in a creative casing achieved through a fusion of fashion and technology, it contains a 3.4 ounce bottle of a floral fruity scent. This Justin Bieber scent for women lasts all day, a consistent fragrance that does not overpower.

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