With One Direction having celebrated their 10th anniversary since forming last 2010 during The X Factor singing competition show, it is a perfect time to look back on their best songs.

They started as individual singers but were later formed into one group as suggested by Simon Cowell, who is currently recovering from back surgeries due to an electric bike accident. The success of the boy group, also known as 1D, was phenomenal. The members Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson were able to make history with the help of five studio albums.

Recently, Harry Styles snagged his first number one hit "Watermelon Sugar" in the Billboard 100. Aside from that, Zayn Malik also had a Billboard chart-topper with his song "Pillowtalk." The music video also features his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. With the other member's recent success, here are more of the best songs from the English-Irish boy band, according to Billboard:

"What Makes You Beautiful"

This is One Direction's debut song as well as the lead single from their 1st album "Up All Night," which was released in 2011. In the Billboard 100, it peaked at No.4 on April 21, 2012. It is a guitar-driven power pop song that intends to boost the low self-esteem of the singer's romantic partner. With lyrics like "being the way that you are is enough" and chorus that goes "baby, you light up my world like nobody else," the upbeat tempo of the song will certainly make anyone who listens to it feel more beautiful.

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"Live While We're Young"

Another global success is this song from their second album "Take Home" in 2012. It is a mix of soft rock and bubblegum pop. It reached the third spot of the Billboard charts 3 on October 20, 2012. The 1D song is about making most of their youth, taking opportunities, having fun, and enjoying the moment before it is gone.

"Story Of My Life"

In 2013, the group made it to the top 10 again with their second single from their third album "Midnight Memories." The sentimental ballad peaked at No.6 last November 16, 2013. With lyrics that goes "I been waiting for this time to come around but, baby, running after you is like chasing the clouds," it is about the struggles of going after a potential partner that is not just into you or is playing hard to get.

"Best Song Ever"

One Direction made music history when their song made it to the No. 2 spot, almost reaching the top, last August 10, 2013. The song is aptly named "Best Song Ever" since it is their greatest song to date - based on Billboard charts, that is. It was also their promotional song for their 3D movie "This is Us." The song celebrates falling in love and how much of an unforgettable experience it is.

"Drag Me Down"

Coming in second place along with "Live While We're Young" as the highest ranking One Direction song is "Drag Me Down." It reached up to No.3 in the charts in August 22, 2015. It is also the group's first single without Malik, since he left the boy band. It is about the group overcoming the many obstacles that came their way.


Finishing off at No. 10 last November 7, 2015 is their 2nd single from "made in the A.M," the group's 5th album. It is about loving someone but not making commitments and focuses more on cherishing the moment as it is. Many also speculated that this song is about Taylor Swift, who happens to have a past relationship with Harry Styles.