Demi Lovato teased fans for her new song with the caption "#D7." The popstar played a track for her fans to listen to. Fans can find it in one of her Instagram stories.

The track is playing in the car's speaker, and the lyrics go:

"I know I made it hard for you and I owe my part I'll tell the truth, you said that it'd be over if I didn't get sober, sober."

Listen: Demi Lovato Teases New Song
(Photo : Demi Lovato - Instagram)

In the IG story, she is seen wearing a retro-style colorful jacket and dark sunglasses. Above the #D7 caption is a teapot gif. This new track is her second single for this year.

D7 could be the title of the track but, seeing that the title of the upcoming album has not yet been revealed, this still remains to be seen. The new studio album will be her seventh one to date. This means the number seven could be an acronym or a symbol for either the album, the song, or both.

Included in the untitled album is her lead single "I Love Me." She released the pop-R&B song last March 6, 2020 along with a music video. The video for the song has over 40m views, 1.4m likes and 55k comments. This suggests that fans are expecting and strongly supporting her return.

This is her most recent compilation since her Tell Me You Love Me album released back in 2017. She is also working with fellow singer-songwriter JoJo for a remix of her song "Lonely Hearts." The remix will be featured in JoJo's Good to Know album to be released on the 28th of this month.

Lovato was reported to be dating soap actor and singer Max Ehrich earlier this year. The couple announced their engagement last July 23, 2020.

Back in April, Lovato collaborated with English singer-songwriter Sam Smith for the song "I'm Ready."