In a recent episode of his radio series, "From His Home to Yours" on SiriusXM, Bruce Springsteen praised Lana Del Rey as one of the best songwriters in the United States.

Springsteen was playing Lana Del Rey's 2012 track "American" during his radio show. In the song, Lana Del Rey references Springsteen himself with the lines, "Springsteen is the kind, don't you think? I was like, 'hell yeah, that guy can sing.'"

After playing the song, the veteran musician decided to have a little joke, saying, "She is, uh, name-checking some guy from New Jersey in there. I am not sure who."

He continued talking about Lana Del Rey after the song played, mentioning her hometown of Lake Placid, New York, as a "fabulous little American town". He started talking about her songwriting, where he praised her ability for writing her own lyrics. "Lana is simply one of the best songwriters in the country, as we speak," Bruce Springsteen said. He called Del Rey a favorite of his, complimenting her for creating a world of her own.

His whole statement on Lana Del Rey is: "That is 'American', by the lovely Lana Del Rey. She is, uh, name-checking some guy from New Jersey in there. I am not sure who, but... uh, she is from New York, and was raised in Lake Placid. Lake Placid, a fabulous little American town where I have spent many lovely summer evenings with my children and family over the years. And Lana is simply one of the best songwriters in the country, as we speak. She just creates a world of her own and invites you in. So a big favorite of mine, the lovely Lana Del Rey."

Lana Del Rey released her first audiobook, "Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass" back on July 29, 2020, which features her reading poetry over music created by Jack Antonoff. She will be releasing a hardback version of her poetry book in September. Half of the proceeds from the book will benefit various Native American-centered causes.

She will be releasing a second book, "Iron Gates - Insights from the Institution", will be released in May 2021.

On August 7, Lana Del Rey teased a new song called "Tusla Jesus Freak" in a now-deleted Instagram post. Fans speculate the song could appear on her forthcoming album, "Chemtrails Over The Country Club", which is scheduled to be released on September 4. Earlier, Lana Del Rey confirmed a song called "White Hot Forever" will be part of the album.

Bruce Springsteen, on the other hand, recently featured on Bon Iver's new song "AUATC", which stans fo "Ate Up All Their Cake". The song was released on August 6 and also featured Jenny Lewis.

Back in May, Springsteen appeared in a remotely through a live stream in a no audience concert, where and his band performed their song "Rose Tattoo" and his song "American Land". It marked his first music performance without an audience at a major US venue during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the performance, fans were encouraged to donate to three charities: the Boston Resiliency Fund, Feeding America, and the Habitat for Humanity, Greater Boston. The live stream had 9 million viewers and raised over $700,000 USD.