Jeffree Star, born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr., is mostly known as a makeup YouTuber and cosmetics entrepreneur. However, what most people probably missed is that he had a brief career as a musician as well.

Star was raised by his single mother since his father committed suicide. Because of this, he started experimenting with his mother's makeup. This is when his exposure to makeup started.

After graduating high school, the young Star moved to Los Angeles. He did plenty of jobs including modeling, makeup, and music to support himself.

The makeup artist used MySpace, the social network website that was popular back then, to promote his growing makeup and music career. It was also this time when he delved into fashion design.

Jeffree Star Was Supposed to Be The Next Lady Gaga: What Happened?
(Photo : Jeffree Star - Instagram)

The aspiring makeup-fashion musician also shared social commentary on fame and beauty on his Myspace account's blog. Because of this, he gained a large following to the point that he got into the top daily rankings on the said website.

Star became popular and made a lot of celebrity friends. One of which was Samantha Maloney, drummer of visual artist and musician Peaches. The MySpace star was encouraged by Maloney to start a music career.

In the True Colors Tour 2007, Jeffree Star was one of the many artists that were promoted. The LGBT-sponsored tour made its way across 15 cities in the United States and Canada.

Having this support, the now electronica and pop vocalist launched his first studio album Beauty Killer in 2009. The album skyrocketed to number 7 on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums.

In that album, he collaborated with Nicki Minaj for the single "Lollipop Luxury." On top of that, he went on plenty of tours all around the world to promote his music. His style of music focuses more on electropop, synthpop, electronic rock, and crunkcore.

The makeup artist later signed to record label Konvict Muzik. Akon, founder of the record label, recognizes Jeffree Star's potential and even goes out to say that the makeup artist is the next Lady Gaga. They were working on the makeup-artist-turned-musician's second album.

However, the Konvict Muzik founder got into serious legal trouble. For this reason, Star had to leave not only the record label but also the music industry for good. Not only was Beauty Killer his first album but it was also his last.

Star later reappeared in Ke$ha's music video of her song "Take It Off." He continued working with other musicians such as electronic music group Blood on the Dance Floor, rapper Deuce, electronic girl duo Millionaires, music producer Larry Tee, and many more.

It was later revealed that he left music because he almost got bankrupt. In a final attempt, he used the last of his savings to start his own makeup brand. Since MySpace was pretty much obsolete during this time, he promoted his cosmetics brand on YouTube instead.

There, he gained a large number of subscribers and eventually reinvented himself as a makeup tutorial YouTuber and cosmetics entrepreneur that he is known today.