Billie Eilish performed at the Democaratic National Convention where she expressed her stand regarding President Donald Trump.

During the virtual performance, she took the opportunity to deliver a speech on why Americans should exercise their right to vote and advocate Trump's contender for the Presidency Joe Biden.

She started out by telling the listeners that they do not need her to remind them how much mess America is currently in.

"Donald Trump is destroying our country and everything we care about," she said.

Billie Eilish Wants A Future Without Covid And Trump
(Photo : Billie Eilish - YouTube)

The "Bad Guy" singer-songwriter implored voters that what America needs right now are leaders who can tackle issues like climate change, covid, systemic racism, and equality. This in opposition to the current president, she added, who denies addressing these problems.

The Grammy Award singer is a first-time voter herself and understands that she can make the change by voting.

Eilish ended the speech with "the only way to be certain of our future is to make it ourselves. Please register; please vote."

Then, she debuts a live virtual performance of her song "My Future." The neon green hair dye stands out amongst the different shades of purple in the background. The porcelain keys on the keyboard she is playing seems to glow as well.

Joining in the performance is her co-songwriting brother Finneas, playing the guitar. On drums is another musician, presumably their regular drummer.

When the beats came in, the background turned into a yellow orange that reminds anyone of a typical Autumn afternoon. This reflects the message of the song as well as her past and future. It started out slow and melancholic but turned bright and optimistic.

For fans who missed the live performance, they can check out the video which was uploaded on her official YouTube channel. It currently has over 600k views, 259k likes, and 29k comments.

The speech prior to her performance was also uploaded on the channel. It has about 440k views but the likes and comments were not enabled.