Unlike other singers like Lady Gaga or Cardi B who use a nickname or a stage name, Dua Lipa is her actual real name. It sounds a bit like "Doer Leaper." Her name is Albanian for "love," so it appears she was born to write songs about love as well as heartbreaks. Her birthday is on August 22, making her a Leo.

She spent most of her childhood in two places - Pristina and London. However, she decided to stay in London so she can focus on her career.

She most likely got her musical inspiration from her father, Dukagjin Lipa. The pop star's father was the vocalist of Kosova-based rock band Oda. He is currently the head of the Republika Communications Agency and works with charitable organization Sunny Hill Foundation. He also organizes Sunny Hill Festival, which features international musicians and is headlined by his daughter. His Instagram feed is filled with support for Dua, making him one of her biggest fans.

Dua Lipa's musical journey was not without challenge. When she was young, choir teachers would criticize her low voice and how it is not fit for singing.

The singer-songwriter also knows about how Justin Bieber was discovered through YouTube. So, she did covers of songs from her favorite artists like Nelly Furtado and Pink. These cover videos were uploaded on her YouTube channel. Though none of her covers went viral, she is content that she can use them as portfolios.

In London, she studied at the Parliament Hill School and Sylvia Young Theatre School. So that she can go to music sessions, Dua worked as hostess or waitress at restaurants and nightclubs. Additionally, the singer-songwriter started a modeling career working for British online fashion catalog ASOS.

In 2013, Tap Management signed her up and even offered her a monthly salary. This they did so she can focus on her music and leave her waitress job. With them, Dua was able to help write the song "Hotter than Hell." This is the song that helped her land a record deal with Warner Music Group. With their help, she was able to launch her songs "New Love" and "Be the One." These and many other songs propelled her to airplay success and music charts.

Interesting Facts About Breakthrough Act and Pop Diva Dua Lipa
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Dua is the first female musician to receive not one, not two, but five British Award nominations. These were the British Breakthrough Act and British Female Solo Artist. Her self-titled album Dua Lipa received a MasterCard British Album Of The Year nomination. Her break-up anthem New Rules also won British Single Of The Year and British Video Of the Year nominations.

Aside from the nominations, she was also recognized as the Most Streamed Female Artist on Spotify back in 2017. As for her socials, she currently has 8.5m followers on Instagram.

The British Award nominee has some interesting tattoos. She has a tribal design rose tattoo on her right bicep. She has a barbed-wire symbol that forms a heart on her left forearm. When she announced her "Future Nostalgia" album, she got a tattoo of the words on her left arm.

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