Katy Perry is not only known for her songs but also for her tattoos. She sports different tattoos and usually gets one while releasing an album or when going on tours. Here are some of her colorful and interesting tattoos that fans spotted:


On her right wrist is the name of the Lord written in cursive. Perry got the tattoo when she released a gospel album Katy Hudson back in 2001. The album title is derived from her actual name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She says it represents her roots, beginnings, and her love for the guitar. Later, she went with the name Katy Perry that she is popularly known for now.

Go with the Flow

When comedian-actor Russell Brand proposed to her while in India, both of them got a Sanskrit tattoo. It reads "Anuugacchati Pravaha" and it translates into "go with the flow." This was the mentality of their relationship when the two were together in 2009.


Perry has a lotus tattoo on her left wrist, opposite the "Jesus in cursive" tattoo. The pop-musician never reveals the meaning of her tattoo but many speculated it symbolizes awakening and beginning. This is in line with her divorce from Brand in 2012. Perry attributes the divorce to schedule conflict and Brand wanting kids before she was ready. On the other hand, Brand said that the divorce was because of the popstar's commercial success and hesitating to become an activist like him.


In 2009, Perry celebrated her second studio album One of the Boys by getting a strawberry tattoo on her left ankle. She used strawberries as the main theme during her "Hello Katy" world tour and other following shows.


On her right ankle is a peppermint tattoo with a smiling face, opposite the strawberry tattoo. Perry got the peppermint swirl tattoo to celebrate the success of her third studio album Teenage Dreams. During the California Dreams tour for this album, she used peppermint themes for her outfits and stages.

10 Katy Perry Tattoos and the Meaning of Each
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Cherry Blossom

This Japanese flower, also popularly referred to as Sakura, represents beauty. It also represents how life is fleeting so it is best to live in the moment rather than dwell in the past or attempt to predict the future. Katy Perry got a cherry blossom tattoo on her right ankle along with the peppermint tattoo. Her fellow musician and former boyfriend John Mayer also sports a similar tattoo.

Hello Kitty

On October 30, 2014, Katy Perry had an adorable Hello Kitty head on her finger. The date also happens to be Hello Kitty's 4th anniversary and Sanrio, Japanese company associated with the mascot, held a Hello Kitty Concert. The pop musician is an avid fan of the character and has used Hello Kitty-inspired themes in her "Hello Katy" tours.


In 2014, Perry got this Roman numeral tattooed on her finger because she appeared during the Super Bowl XLIX. She considers performing in the sports event a huge milestone, so she got it inked right after the event.


Fans can spot the prism tattoo on her left ankle to celebrate the Prismatic world tour in 2015. It has an adorable cartoon face and rainbow colors in the background.


She revealed in her Instagram account that the tattoo resembles the planet Saturn. But it also resembles an eye with a tear. The artist got the tattoo upon completing "Witness: The Tour" in 2017.