American Youtube sensation Sam Tsui collaborated with Filipino actress and singer Karylle and made a cover of "Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay" (I've Waited for So Long) by OPM rock band Sponge Cola.

This was during Tsui's 2019 Gold Jacket Tour all across Asia. The singer-YouTuber, real name Samuel Tsui, collaborated with other Asian artists to promote the tour. His tours were held in Kochi, Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei, Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.

The music video for the cover is uploaded on his YouTube channel, TheSamTsui. It has over 900k views, 55k likes, and 4.5k comments as of this writing. It was uploaded on November 15, 2019.

In the video, Tsui and Karylle are singing in the backyard in one of the houses of a welcoming neighborhood on a lovely afternoon. The blue-dyed musician is playing the piano as both artists sing their respective parts. While they perform, the Tagalog lyrics of the song, as well as the English translation, are displayed for the music lovers to follow along.

This is the first time Tsui made a cover of a song in Filipino. Many are impressed by how well he managed to capture the language correctly. Some impressed fans were mistaking him for a Filipino.

The two recently united in an online version of TV program Showtime.

Watch: Sam Tsui and Karylle's Cover of 'Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay'
(Photo : Sam Tsui, Karylle - Instagram)

Sam Tsui

The musician became a YouTube sensation because of his many music medleys and covers of various pop artists - Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga, to name a few. He also does mashups of similar songs and even wrote some original songs.

His father is Chinese from Hong Kong, who later moved to America, where his father met his White mother from Iowa. Their love bore them two sons, Sam and a brother. Music has always been part of their family because his paternal Chinese grandmother was an opera singer.

He is married to Casey Breves, also a musician, and collaborates with Tsui most of the time. The couple was also part of an a cappella group back at Yale University.


The Filipino singer is recognized for her multiple talents in singing, dancing, modeling, and acting in TV/films and theater. For this reason, she earned the title of OPM Showbiz Royalty of the Philippines. The Filipino celebrity is also a songwriter, runner, and entrepreneur. Her real name is Ana Karylle Padilla Tatlonghari.

Karylle has released six studio albums to date - Time to Shine in 2001, You Make Me Sing in 2005, Time for Letting Go in 2009, Roadtrip in 2011, K in 2013, and Different Playground in 2016.

She also acted and made cameo appearances in many films. Her most recent acting role was Helena in the movie "Mystified," released in 2019. She also made a cameo appearance in the romantic comedy "My Ex and Whys."

Like Sam Tsui, Karylle did some tours both nationwide and worldwide. Some of these tours are not necessarily music focused.

Sponge Cola

Sam Tsui and Karylle picked a song from Filipino rock band Sponge Cola. The band members are vocalist-guitarist Yael Yuzon, guitarist Armo Armovit, bassist Gosh Dilay, and drummer Tedmark Cruz. The frontman of the band Yael also happens to be Karyll's husband, and they married in 2014. Sponge Cola is considered one of the most famous rock bands in the Philippines.

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