Looks like Taylor Swift is not the only one who made chart-topping songs out of terrible boyfriends, Dua Lipa is doing the same as well. The "Don't Start Now" revealed that her songs are inspired by awful former partners.

She said that there are times when she draws creativity from relationships with ex-boyfriends who she considers are "terrible" and downright "emotionally manipulative."

In one interview, she shared that a guy she dated did not want to eat vegetables. She does not want to date a guy who eats "like a five-year-old" so she stormed out.

Hotter Than Hell

There was also a time when Dua Lipa was going through a hard breakup where her partner made her feel she was not good enough. She was content with most of the song so far except for the chorus part.

Later she came across the words "Hotter Than Hell" while browsing Tumblr. The pop artist thought it was brilliant, so she made the guy think she was hotter than hell and too cool for her on the said track.

The lyrics go "Am I the answer to your prayers? I'm giving you the pleasure of heaven."

The award-winning pop star felt more confident about herself by writing the song and eventually broke up with the said partner.

"Hotter Than Hell" is included in her self-titled album Dua Lipa, released in 2017.

3 Dua Lipa Songs Inspired by Terrible Boyfriends
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Don't Start Now

The upbeat disco dance song was rumored to be about former boyfriends Isaac Carew and Paul Klein. The pop diva dated Carew in 2015 but it ended after one year and six months. She later dated Klein, band member of indie-pop LANY, but she moved on and dated Carew again in June 2018. Unfortunately, the relationship did not last that long and the couple broke up again a year later.

Klein's band also released the album Malibu Nights in October 2018. It is speculated that the tracks in the album are about Klein and Dua Lipa's tragic relationship.

"If you don't want to see me dancing with somebody."

This line is rumored to be addressed to Carew. When the two broke up, the pop musician was seen dancing with new flame Anwar Hadid. The new couple is currently dating and it is safe to assume that she is happier with Hadid.

"Don't Start Now" is the lead single from her second 2019 album Future Nostalgia. It reached number 2 on the Billboard charts making it her most successful song so far.

New Rules

This breakup song is about moving on from an ex and staying away from them for good.

The pre-chorus of the song lists three rules or steps on how not to hook up with a former lover. It is important that the rules are followed because, otherwise, she will just get trapped in an endless and frustrating cycle of bad relationships. The rules are not picking the phone to answer the guy, not letting the guy in her life again, and not make the excuse of "being a friend."

"New Rules" is also included in her self-titled album and is Dua Lipa's first song to go beyond top 10 on the Billboard music charts.

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