During the 2020 Video Music Awards, Doja Cat performed "Say So" and "Like That" with a nod to MTV News.

Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini, the real name of Doja Cat, introduced her live performance in classic MTV News fashion. In that segment, people who are familiar with the old MTV News will see the spinning MTV satellite and the sphere with press letters.

Then, the rapper-singer appears and delivers the news while pretending to be a news anchor named "Something Quirkier." She also joked about not knowing who Doja Cat from planet H.E.R. is before the view switches to her energetic out-of-this-world live performances of "Say So" and "Like That."

She is seen wearing an outfit most likely inspired by Aphrodite in the classical painting "Birth of Venus." Her light green hair dye, crystal-like scales, and seductive outfit suggest mermaid-like features. The singer-dancer is joined in by talented backup dancers who seem to resemble black hole spiked-creatures, sexy astronauts, and google-eyed aliens. Behind them is a futuristic celestial backdrop that seemed alive.

Watch: Doja Cat's Celestial Performance of
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The "Say So" musician was nominated four times during the ceremony for Song of the Year, Push Best New Artist, Song of Summer, and Best Direction. She did not win the song awards, but she did bag the new artist award. Fans who missed the live performance can view Doja Cat's alien-inspired dancing on MTV's YouTube channel. The video was uploaded on August 31 and currently has over 1.3 million views, 100 thousand likes, and four thousand comments.

The Los Angeles rapper started making music on SoundCloud and TikTok. Her popularity spiked when her "Mooo!" song went viral in 2018. Since then, she released two albums, "Amala" in 2018 and "Hot Pink" in 2019.

Doja Cat was recently featured in The Weeknd's song "In Your Eyes", and the two appeared in the retro-style video as computer-generated animated characters. The music video now has over 8 million views, 315 thousand likes, and 11 thousand comments.

Also, watch out for the live performance of two pop icons Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande on the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.