Keanu Reeves birthday is on September 2 and this makes it a perfect time to check out some of his movies. He has appeared in over 60 movies and here are some of the best he was in, based on Rotten Tomatoes score.

John Wick: Chapter 2 in 2017

The first film of the "John Wick" series was a surprise hit but the score it earned was less than the sequels that followed. In the second installment, Keanu Reeves returned as the legendary hitman must repay the blood debt he owed to a former assassin's guild he was part of.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum in 2019

On the third installment of the legendary assassin film franchise, John Wick find himself hunted by the hitman organization after he trespassed some groundbreaking rules. Here, the bounty hunter asks for the aid of some old allies to help him take on the assassin guild.

Top 10 Movies Keanu Reeves Appeared In
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Matrix in 1999

Keanu Reeves plays hacker Neo as he unfolds that reality is merely a simulation created by artificial intelligence intent on enslaving humanity.

Side by Side in 2012

This is a documentary about digital filmmaking and how technology vastly improved how studios make movies. Reeves both produced and acted as host for the said documentary. He interviewed many Hollywood directors such as Martin Scorsese and James Cameron.

Speed in 1994

Bomb specialist Jack Traven, portrayed by Reeves, attempts to stop a bus rigged with a bomb that will explode if it slows down. In this intense thriller film, he starred alongside innocent commuter played by Sandra Bullock and he is up against villain played by Dennis Hopper.

Much Ado About Nothing in 1993

Based on the Shakespeare play, this film adaptation stars Denzel Washington as Don Pedro and Kate Beckinsale as Hero, the woman who Don John and Don Claudio are fighting over. The two rivals are portrayed by Keanu Reeves and Robert Sean Leonard respectively.

Dangerous Liaisons in 1988

This is the movie adaptation of the classic novel of the same name. Here, Reeves portrays rival suitor again as Chevalier Danceny. The film stars Glenn Close as Marquise de Merteuil and John Malkovich as Vicomte de Valmont as both placed bets on who can lead sophisticated ladies to temptation better.

Parenthood in 1989

Reeves plays Tod in this comedy about parenting, starring Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen. Tod is the boyfriend of Martin's pregnant niece and more complications arise when the two got married.

Always Be My Maybe in 2019

The "John Wick" star made a cameo appearance in this romantic comedy between Sasha and Marcus, played by Ali Wong and Randall Park respectively. Reeves played a fictionalized version of himself where he is dating Sasha, much to Marcus' dismay.

Toy Story 4 in 2019

The highest rated movie where Reeves played a supporting role, Pixar's fourth installment of the animated film series revolves around toys Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Reeves lends his voice to Canadian daredevil action figure Duke Caboom. He is also known for his other voice work, especially Johnny Silverhand in upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077.

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