Keanu Reeves is most known for his role as legendary assassin "John Wick" and "Neo" in the Matrix. He also stars in the recently released "Bill & Ted Face the Music" alongside Alex Winter. However, not all movies from an actor are great and that is fine. Sometimes, critics and fans are not pleased with how a film's direction or story panned out. So, here are Keanu Reeves' worst movies so far according to Rotten Tomatoes and in no particular order, expect the worst one:

47 Ronin

While most critics found Keanu Reeves' portrayal as impressive, they were not sold on the overall dullness of the movie. The "John Wick" star plays yet another assassin named Kai, a Japanese swordsman in a historical Japan era. He is recruited into a band of 47 samurai warriors, thus the name of the movie.

Chain Reaction

This movie is about Eddie Kasalivich, played by Reeves, uncovering a government conspiracy where scientists have successfully turned water into fuel. The premise might sound interesting but critics agree that the plot was predictable and rather dull.


Among Reeves' movies, this mystery police thriller is the second lowest in rating. It tells the story of Scott Galvan (Reeves) looking into why his partner died with the help of a young woman named Isabel (Ana de Armas). Most reviewers found "Exposed" as more silly than serious.

Feeling Minnesota

The "Speed" actor starred with Cameron Diaz in this black comedy about a stripper falling in love with the brother of her supposed-to-be husband. The film was poorly received due to its linear characters and overused plot.

Taking the Blue Pill? 10 Worst Keanu Reeves Movies
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Johnny Mnemonic

This sci-fi thriller revolves around a man who needs to deliver a vital information to the government before the chip in his brain explodes. This is yet another movie with Reeves starring as either "John" or "Johnny." He also played John Wick, John Constantine, Johnny Silverhand, and plenty others fans may have missed.


While "The Matrix" was a successful sci-fi for Reeves, "Johnny Mnemonic" as well as this movie was not his strong suit. He plays biologist Will Foster who tries to resurrect dead family members but the plot was too messy up for him to save.


This movie is about a diamond merchant, played by Reeves, who travels to Russia for a deal but ends up losing his partner. Reviewers saw that it was too complex for a payoff that was not worth it.

Sweet November

Romantic drama may not be Reeves style seeing that this movie was not well received by moviegoers. Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron did not have the chemistry to bring this movie forward.

The Watcher

Reeves plays the serial killer David Allen Griffin in this movie as a detective, played by James Spader, tries to stop him. For a suspense film, critics found that the movie was not notably thrilling.

Generation Um...

This is perhaps the worst film where Reeves appeared. Along with two girlfriends played by Adelaide Clemens and Bojana Novakovic, the three share secrets about their pasts while they party wild. Most moviegoers thought that the film was pointless.

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