Charlie Sheen is considered one of the highest paid actor on television and has acted in "Wall Street," "The Three Musketeers," "Hot Shots!," and many other films. However, he is also infamous for his substance abuse and marital problems. Here are few of the craziest moments of TV actor Charlie Sheen.

Drunk in Wall Street

While shooting the 1987 movie "Wall Street" with prominent actor Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen admitted drinking before showing up to the studio. He convinced himself that he was not addicted as long as he was not sticking a needle in his arm.

Kelly Preston Accident

Actress Kelly Preston was his fiancé in 1990 before she broke the engagement off. This was when Sheen "accidentally" shot her arm using his revolver. Afterwards, the "Wall Street" actor dated a lot of porn stars.

Brooke Mueller Christmas

Sheen eventually married actress Brooke Mueller and they had twin kids. On Christmas in 2009, the "Two and a Half Men" star pinned her to the bed and threatened her with a knife up her throat. The couple got divorce on November the following year.

Denise Richards Revelations

Charlie Sheen married actress Denise Richards and the couple were blessed with two daughters. As expected, Richards filed a divorce due to domestic violence and substance abuse. What made it worse was Richards revelations: that Sheen was attracted to underage women and was found looking at homosexual content involving young boys.

The Charlie Sheen Effect and His Other Craziest Moments
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The Charlie Sheen Effect

In 2015, the actor revealed that he was HIV positive for four years already. This caused many people to look more into the disease. The "Wall Street" actor inadvertently raised awareness about the disease, and this was called "The Charlie Sheen Effect."

Two and a Half Men

Sheen was the highest paid actor on TV as the show "Two and a Half Men" approaches its fourth season. However, the actor made derogatory remarks about the show's creator Chuck Lorre. This caused Warner Brothers to dismiss the actor as well as banning him from the production venue. Despite all of these, it did not stop Sheen from making comments about Lorre or the show.

Warlock with Adonis DNA

Following his dismissal from the "Two and a Half Men" show and Warner Brothers, he made controversial statements in television and internet broadcasts. He claimed that he was a warlock with Adonis DNA. Though it was evident that he was getting bizarre as interviews go on, he assures that he has everything under control.

He later appeared on Comedy Central roast episode in 2011 and that was the highest rated roast episode from the show.

Cured Addiction

In an interview with Today's Show and another with Alex Jones, Sheen said that he cured his addiction with the power of his mind and that he has "tiger's blood." When asked how he was able to achieve it, he just said "I closed my eyes and made it so." While it was evident that he was not "cured," he assured that drug tests do not lie. The "Hot Shots!" actor also believed that alcohol and drugs "worked" for him.

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