Kane Brown's rise to the top was brutal, but there is no stopping this R&B and country singer.

For most of his life, Brown's musical creativity remained unnoticed despite the many hardships he had to endure. To fix that, he used what he can to build a following while making music. After trying to make things work via social media, one of his music videos finally went viral. Not long after, he was tapped by a professional record label to work on his debut album.

How He Achieved Music Success

Kane Allen Brown was exposed to country music but was also interested in R&B. He won in the school's talent show when he was in 11th grade. This victory made him feel that country music might bring him success. So, he decided to focus on country music and made it work to his advantage.

He saw his friend Lauren Aliana's success on American Idol, so he tried to take a crack at the singing competition. However, the "Used To Love You Sober" was turned away during the audition because the judges felt that he was too similar to Scotty McCreery. He tried his luck at another talent competition show, The X Factor. Brown got past the audition this time, but he eventually had to decline when the producers wanted to enlist him to a boy band.

Brown decided to focus on himself by making cover videos and uploading them on his social media accounts. The country R&B singer slowly built a fan base until he hit gold with his cover of "Check Yes or No" by George Strait. The cover video garnered over seven million views, and his Facebook account reached over one million followers because of it.

Kane Brown: The Country R&B Singer's Success and Struggles
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Early Life, Racism, and Dreams

The "What Ifs" singer was raised by his single mom since he was three. During that time, his father was sent to jail for reasons that he is not comfortable discussing. His mother had to make ends meet, and sometimes they would end up homeless for some period. There were also times when they had nowhere else to go, so they sleep in the car. Since they were always on the move, Kane had to attend different schools and was exposed to a new environment all the time.

When he was about seven or eight years old, his classmates started to tease him about the color of his skin. Back then, he was unaware that he was biracial - he always assumed he was entirely white. "Honestly, I can't even really say because I didn't see colors," he added.

Kane Brown always dreamt about making it to the league in any professional sports someday. This dream was shattered when he was unsuccessful in getting a college scholarship. His friends went to join the Army, so he decided to give it a try as well. He passed the tests without much difficulty until he was asked to remove his tattoos. For this reason, he declined and decided to look for another way of making a living instead.

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