The Boys is a show about superheroes who are considered noble by the general audience. Known as "The Seven," these super-powered individuals are not as heroic as they seem as most of them are corrupt and twisted. This is why a group of misfits called "The Boys" banded together to expose and bring down these fake superheroes. Get to know more about the vigilantes who are courageous and mad enough to go against the two-faced superhumans.

Meet The Boys: The Superhero Slayers in Amazon series
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Billy Butcher played by Karl Urban

This British ex-operative from the CIA does not discriminate when it comes to "Supes," the nickname for the abusive super-powered individuals. Butcher is the leader of "The Boys" and he recruited former friends and new allies to join the cause. He dislikes all superhumans, but he hates Homelander the most. That is because he believes that the leader of The Seven is somehow connected to the mysterious disappearance of his wife. He dedicated all his life to destroy and end the superheroes once and for all.

Hughie Campbell played by Jack Quaid

Campbell is the hesitant newcomer and nerdy tech guy of the group. Because of his work, he has a natural aptitude for intelligence-gathering and infiltration despite having no prior military experience. Among the members, Campbell is the one who was forcibly caught up in the mess the most. His nemesis in The Seven is the speedster A-Train, responsible for killing Hughie's girlfriend. He is also continuously found disagreeing with their group leader Billy Butcher because their principles or methods do not align sometimes.

Mother's Milk played by Laz Alonso

Detail-oriented and organized, Marvin T. Milk or MM is in charge of the planning and implementing the vigilante operations. Like Campbell, he also disagrees with the Butcher on several occasions. Also, he frequently goes head to head with their other member Frenchie. MM is frustrated every time his teammates do not follow the original plan. For this reason, he continually leaves the group but only to find himself back again because there is no turning back.

Frenchie played by Tomer Capon

Also known as Serge, this French guy is the jack-of-all-trades in the group. He specializes in ammunitions, communications, and many other skills. Frenchie is the guy The Boys turn to when they want to murder a superhero. He is a mercenary and is the one who crafts devices or mechanisms that somehow gets through any superhuman's weakness. Serge regularly improvises and does not follow the plan, which leads to MM's frustrations resulting in the two quarrelings frequently.

The Female played by Karen Fukuhara

Perhaps the most unlikely member of The Boys is this Asian mute girl. She is a feral superpowered individual rescued by The Boys who decided to join them later thanks to Frenchie's goodwill. The Female is the only superpowered member who fights alongside the vigilante band of misfits. She behaves like a cat-like animal, fighting with her claws and relying on her agility. Her superpower is her ability to regenerate even the deadliest of wounds.

Meet The Boys: The Superhero Slayers in Amazon series
(Photo : The Boys - Instagram)

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