David Bowie Is, a documentary film directed by Hamish Hamilton about the "touring art exhibition" of the same name, will soon be released in over 100 theaters in the United States, Rolling Stone reports, beginning on September 23.

The exhibition has been widely publicized and puts a a number of items from the legendary musician's archive on display. 

As a showcase of that exhibition, the doc features the likes of Pulp's own Jarvis Cocker and Kansai Yamamoto, a fashion designer, as well as a number of other names helping and appearing as special guests. Details such as more information on the singer's videos, costumes, lyrics, etc. – all of which are seen in the display – will be provided by the David Bowie Is curators, Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh, with the hope of unveiling more of the artist's ever so fascinating evolution throughout his process, and thus, his career.

Check out a trailer for David Bowie Is below:

On the very same day the film hits the US market, the exhibition itself will premiere in Chicago, and remain there for viewing through January 4, at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The museum's chief curator, Michael Darling, recently stated, "This documentary brings to life how David Bowie embraced creativity from a variety of fields including performance art, music, dance, theater, and the visual arts, and fostered collaborations with artists of all kinds throughout his life."

He added, "We are fortunate to have this film's debut coinciding with the MCA's opening of this extraordinary exhibition."

Tickets for both the film screenings and the Chicago exhibition are on sale now.