Many believe that WandaVision launched at a perfect time for Marvel Fans, even amidst an unrelentless global pandemic. Although the American miniseries was not supposed to be the fourth phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems to have been a seamless piece for Marvel that has given fans just as much feel and thrill. 

Wandavision's songwriters, however, do regret some things, including not using the iconic "Thriller" by Michael Jackson for their song sequence. 

"Agatha All Along" Should Have Been a "Thriller" or Similar

In episode 7 of WandaVision where Agnes, played by Kathryn Hahn shows her true identity as the villain, a catchy song, "Agatha All Along," carries the emotional and exhilarating theme of the scene. As told by Cheat Sheet, the song, which became a hit single on iTunes and Billboard Charts was inspired by "The Munsters and The Addams Family".

However, songwriters Robert Lopez and Kirsten Anderson-Lopez think things could have been taken up a higher notch had they incorporated the "Thriller" by Michael Jackson theme instead. 

In an interview with  Rolling Stone, Lopez said,  "Looking back, I really wish we had pitched that when Agatha had control of the whole town, she made them do some sort of 'Thriller' moment."

"If we had known the way the songs were going to hit, I think we would have wanted to have a big finale. But we had absolutely no idea," he added. 

"Thriller" could have been an excellent element of the hit music. However, WandaVision fans seem to like the music as it is. 

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"WandaVision" Music: A Storyteller in Itself

WandaVision is Marvel Studio's first-ever Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show. It features suburban superpower characters Wanda and Vision journeying through different decades.  On the first look, WandaVision offers something unique and different. However, its resemblance to the classic TV sitcoms makes it a revolutionary piece for Marvel. 

An important element to the show aside from its amazing visuals is its catchy musical series. The show's song sequence uses songs along the tones of familiar TV theme songs to journey the viewers to different ages, emotions, and themes. 

All of these are made possible through Oscar-winning songwriters Lopez and Anderson-Lopez, who were also the writers behind 'Coco' and 'Frozen.' The formidable duo separates each decade into a piece of distinctive opening theme music. They take the themes inspired from 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' and 'The Office' to take the viewers on a wild Time travel ride. 

The regret on the Thriller-themed song was apparent by both songwriters. The iconic song was a perfect addition to Agatha's reveal of secretly pulling strings the whole time. Nonetheless, the song "Agatha All Along" became iconic as well.

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Written by Nikki Delgado