Camila Cabello was spotted on Thursday having a ball at the beach with her pop star boyfriend Shawn Mendes. 

As reported by Daily Mail, the two were photographed together at the Soho Beach House, Miami, and fans can't help but praise the "Senorita" singer for her natural and carefree look. 

According to numerous fans online, her latest bikini photos is such a refreshment in an age of surgery and photoshop-stricken Hollywood. 

The Cuban-born star sporting a laid-back beach look with a high-waisted blue tie-dye bikini accessorized with some gold bracelets and hoop earrings.

The fresh-faced singer rocked her brunette locks and showed her voluptuous natural curves with her flattering bikini.

Camila Cabelo's Unapologetic Beach Look Gains Attention Online

The photos garnered attention online with body-positive fans who couldn't help but praise the former fifth harmony member. According to Yahoo News, fans find her unapologetic beach body as "refreshingly natural" in an age where stars would opt for plastic surgery and photoshop the quest for chasing after the "ideal body" standards.

One twitter user @dreamofwonderr tweeted, "this is what normal bodies look like I'm sick and tired of y'all body-shaming every woman who doesn't have a flat stomach ! her body is beautiful and so is she."

Another user @baddieselena_ tweeted: "this is honestly beautiful. we stan woman taking control and diminishing the need to have the same body as everyone else. she looks amazing."

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Some Fans Want Camila's Beach Photos Deleted

While many have praised the star for her natural-looking beach look, many users also think Camila's photos needs to be deleted. For other fans, the angles from the photos look unflattering on the singer and may have others mistaken her as pregnant. 

Many users clamored online: "Delete this and respect her."

User @insidethislove tweeted "I am very ashamed that you upload this knowing that they will always throw hatred at her."

However, body-positive fans have fervently replied to negative comments about deleting Camila's photos. The other side of the coin believes that people shouldn't ask to take down Camila's photos just because it doesn't fit in to ideal body's standards. 

User @justlikeana tweeted "no guys, she's not pregnant, she has a normal body!!!"

As a public figure, Camila is no stranger to online criticism. Back in 2019 the singer has shared on Instagram how she's learned to love and accept her body as a response to online backlash.

Camila hasn't commented to any of the praises and backlash she has recently received, although the singer seems to be enjoying an unbothered summer escapade with her boyfriend and family members. 

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