Deonte Gaines, also known by the rap name FNF Chop, doesn't believe being behind the bars inside the Richmond City Justice Center in Virginia is an excuse for not making music.

As reported by Eminetra, the rapper is known to produce his music and direct his own music videos from inside the cell. One of his released singles has just gained enormous attention online, skyrocketing his career while sitting in jail.

Virginia Rapper Makes Music from Behind Bars, Goes Viral and Skyrockets His Career
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube video by FNF Chop)
FNF Chop- Walk Down Official Music Video

FNF Chop's 'Walk Down' Suddenly Went Viral Thanks to TikTok

The 22-year old rapper debuted his single entitled "Walk Down" was ready for release in 2019 but was just uploaded on Youtube on January 21 2021. However, it wasn't until recently the "sick-beat" track went viral on video-based social media app TikTok for a dance challenge, boosting Chop's career and fame all while he's still in jail.

In an interview with Fox 8 while still in Richmond Jail, Chop said, "It kind of just went viral on its own."

"Labels started calling, Columbia reached out, Alamo Records, Republic Records, Warner Records" he added. Because of his single's recent rise in popularity, multiple record labels have reached out to him. On the said interview, he hasn't mentioned any upcoming projects yet with his record deals. 

The "Walk Down" music video is being filmed within the premises of the Richmond City Justice Center. The video also shows his mom joining the music video in a virtual appearance. To date, the song has garnered over four million streams on Spotify.

When asked if the officers were fine with him recording a video, he answered, "We not fighting, you know we not arguing, we not cursing, we not destroying anything." Moreover, he mentions that many other inmates are posting videos of them dancing with free tablets that are given to them.

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TikTokers Join Together in Solidarity with Hashtag #FreeFNFChop

What's more notable with the "Walk Down" music going viral is the intention behind it. Aside from the crazy trap beat, TikTokers also made the dance challenge go viral while wearing shirts that read #FreeFNFChop.

This is after the rapper who is doing time for a parole violation announced that he already caught COVID-19 in two instances at the jail. The rapper tells his fans that the jail is no place to be. This has sparked attention online as fans are thinking of the unfavorable conditions of the inmates while contracting COVID-19 in jail.

Chop has recently released a fan video on Youtube showing a compilation of fans on TikTok wearing shirts that read #FreeFNFChop.

However, the rapper also mentions that inmates are given tablets to help them maintain in contact with their friends, families and attorneys. The tablets also serve as a means for educating and preparing them for the community after the jail sentence. In the interview, the rapper, whose name FNF means "Family Never Folds" mentions that he would like to focus on his family and career once released from the jail. 

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