Saweetie caused a social media craze after she gave her fans a close look at what's cooking in her next project.

As reported by Hot New Hip-Hop, the American rapper reveals that she's getting her hands busy on her upcoming single which reveals what her type is.

Fans speculate judging from her bars that she's trying to throw some shade at ex-boyfriend Migos rapper Quavo.

Saweetie Shares to Instagram a Few Lines of Her Upcoming Single

On her Instagram, Saweetie uploaded video clips of her singing a few lines from her upcoming single.

"He treated me wrong now you f*ckin' me right / He buy me flowers you flood me with ice / Huh, I wanna thug n*gga, yeah / I love a thug n*gga. "He bout that talk but see you bout that life / I wanna thug n*gga."Saweetie raps in her Instagram video.

As seen in the video, the rapper seems to be all hyped up while enjoying her own rhymes and beats. Her upcoming song seems to revolve around the themes of failed romance and heartbreak.

On the video, she's seen sporting an icy chain with a heart locket.

Previously, she's revealed that she went into an artist boot camp to further hone her skills as an artist while a much anticipated official debut album, "Pretty B*tch Music" is upcoming. Many fans believe she's taken her career a notch higher with her efforts on going under the bootcamp. 

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Fans Speculate Saweetie May be Throwing Shade at Ex-Boyfriend Quavo

Saweetie seemingly shares a generous amount of sneak peek at her latest song, enough for fans to wonder about her inspiration behind the new project. Fans had a mixed bag of emotions on Saweetie's update. Some speculate that the American rapper might be throwing subliminal jabs at her then ex-boyfriend, Migos rapper Quavo. Although some believe they've fully moved on. See tweets below:

The world has seen how their relationship has went down the drain, although it's unsure when exactly they've officially ended it. As reported by Teen Vogue, both rappers have made sure that the world knows they've both moved on.

However, Saweetie's recent update on her upcoming music makes fans wonder if she's doing a word play addressed to the Migos rapper. Both are believed to be throwing subtle shades at each other with their music.

Many also believe that the timing might be uncanny as the Migos are also expected to release their "Culture III" album soon.

Saweetie's upcoming single is expected to arrive soon, anytime in the summer, although no official date has been released by the rapper or her management yet. We'll keep you posted!

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