Earlier this week, Apple has just released their new Spatial Audio Future for those using Apple Music recorded using Dolby Atmos.

Now, latest update as reported by iMore reveals that a setting in iOS 15 and MacOS Monterey will allow you to stimulate the same Spatial Audio effect even for other non-Atmos content, thanks to a generous Reddit user!

New Setting Discovery on iOS 15 and MacOs Monterey Breaks Limitations on Spatial Audio Feature 

Apple's recent update on the new Spatial Audio Feature is truly an innovative move for the tech giant. The spatial feature allows users to have a sound surround experience with the sound moving around both ears in different directions. 

One can think of an experience inside the cinema. The sound moves in different directions to help listeners feel the groove and melody of the music better. However, this new Spatial feature was deemed exclusive to only Dolby Atmos content. this exclusivity has spurred reactions online since there are only a dozen of music recorded using Dolby Atmos.

Not until Reddit user and other users have revealed that a setting in new Apple update can stimulate the same "6D" effect with all kinds of music. The new discovery was brought to Reddit in the iOS 15 betaAs AppleInsider reveals, the new feature is accessible on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey and will only work if users are utilizing Apple's Airpods Pro and AirPods Max.

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Reddit User Shares Steps on Enabling 'Spatialize Stereo' Setting Hack

User u/hzfan says "I've been testing Apple Music's Dolby Atmos support and I just discovered a toggle in Control Center's volume slider for non-Atmos-supported tracks. It's called "Spatialize Stereo" and it does pretty much exactly what you'd guess."

He further reveals to other users how to use it and how it works similarly to the virtual spatial audio. He says, "It takes a stereo audio mix and places it in a virtual spatial audio environment around you" Similarly, it works almost the same as how Apple's recent update on Spatial Audio Feature is, but not as excellent.

"The greatest thing about this is that it supports EVERY audio track. Sure I'd pick Atmos Spatial Audio mixes over Spatialized Stereo every time, but for the moment there are only a dozen or so options for Atmos available on Apple Music, so this is such an amazing feature to have!" , he shares excitedly to other Reddit users.

The user reveals that you simply need to jump into Control Center and look up "Spatialize Stereo" to access the Spatial Audio feature for all non-Atmos music. No matter how similar however, the experience isn't quite as impressive as that with Dolby Atmos-recorded music.

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