Mondays need some bonkers rock and roll tracks to start the week. This week, a lineup of tracks are here for your Rock and Roll needs. 

Top Rock and Roll Tracks to Add To Your List

Louder Sound has curated a great set of artists, from Frank Hannon's "Ride Strong" to Ghost Hound's "Between Me and the Devil." Ready to make a great week ahead? Here's what you should look out for! 

Frank Hannon - 'Ride Strong'

Even the hard rock elite and the He-Man proud folks need some adrenaline-spiking affirmations. The American singer from rock band "TESLA" rocks like crazy with his biker leathers on in the song "Ride Strong" This is exactly what you need if you're feeling some "coming in hot", "standing your ground" and "kicking ass" vibes to start off the week! The song has themes around sports cars and bikes to hit you hard on the road.

Shaman's Harvest - 'Bird Dog'

As reported by Loud Wire, "Bird Dog" is the Missouri band's comeback song in a span of almost four years. The song is a rock-themed story telling with a cinematic plot. As told by the lead singer Nathan Hunt, "It's definitely a cinematic thing - if nothing else, it's a colour or just one little scene in my head," 

"In my mind, I was envisioning a lot of these small towns-like a railroad town or a farm town where people don't want to farm anymore. And it just goes to shit, and then you have the opioids come in and everyone becomes a zombie.", he adds. The rock song is perfect for your monday blues, moving fast into the next escapade ahead.

Blackberry Smoke - 'All Over The Road'

The five-member Georgia rock band has made headlines recently with their hit song "You Hear Georgia" making it to the #1 hit song on American Folk Current Country Billboard and Rock Album charts. The song "All Over the Road" is some good stuff that the band has put out there for some Deadheads with some hazy tripping lyrics. The song is a time machine of going back to the feel-good times perfect for road songs while you're on the way to  the office!

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Ghost Hounds - 'Between Me and the Devil'

The American rock band from Pittsburgh fuses blues and southern soul in the smoothest way possible. Their newest single "Between Me and The Devil" is not an exception. The new piece screams swagger and southern sass, enough for you to break through the hell of a week ahead. Their latest album "ROSES ARE BLACK" is reminiscent of rock from the 70's heyday bringing nostalgia to fans while serving modern-day innovative feel and crackling energy. The band is founded by guitarist and billionaire Thomas Tull, known to have produced a variety of films.

Velvet Insane-'Sound of Sirens'

The former four member rock band from Sweden, now a rock duo has rocked the world with "Sound of Sirens" from their upcoming album "Rock N Roll Glitter Suit". As described by the band, the song is "strongly influenced by The Beatles and 60's pop music." The song is a bit reminiscent of "Oasis" which is a trip down memory lane. The music video's theme is a bit nostalgic, sending genuine and candid messages around a bedroom filled with posters on Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne posters. The "Rock N Roll Glitter Suit" upcoming album will be launched this coming July 16.

In other news for rock enthusiasts, this week has been a battle royale for top tracks racing to the charts such as Crashing Wayward's "Disco Kills" and yhe NWOCR line-up's version of Massive Wagon's "Tokyo." Crashing Wayward won by the slightest margin, bringing pride to what's happened in Vegas. But getting ready with your top tracks this week is a more important issue to deal with. With these tracks rocking your week, there's no stopping you to groove through the hectic days ahead! 

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Written by Nikki Schmidt