RADWIMPS rose to fame even more after the band made songs for Makoto Shinkai's hit anime movies, "Your Name" and "Weathering With You."

RADWIMPS announced the launch of "SHIN SEKAI (Nowhere)" - a series of virtual concert shows amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the official website of RADWIMPS' Role-Playing Music, the Japanese band officially opened its ticket selling for the "SHIN SEKAI (Nowhere)."

The aforementioned virtual tour is composed of several concerts that will run from July 16 to 18.

Fans are required to download the application where ticket buyers will exclusively witness the shows.

"SHIN SEKAI (Nowhere)" will serve as the final chapter of SHIN SEKAI, the role-playing music-themed virtual experience that takes their fans to virtual concerts.

The Japanese band originally released the app in December and welcomed fans from 40 countries to witness RADWIMPS' virtual experience.

"Even so, I believe in the human strength. No matter how this powerful virus robs us of our everyday lives, we do not give up on this head-on fight. This past year has also given us the chance for such realisations. SHIN SEKAI is yet another rebellion, a new challenge," Lead singer, Yojiro Noda, wrote in the description.

The band promised to offer a never-before-seen experience that can be shared on VARP - their virtual space.

Meanwhile, its official YouTube channel shared the event's teaser, featuring the "Zenzenzense" song from "Your Name."


The four-piece began playing together in 2001 before they officially marked their major debut in 2005. As of the writing, they already gave birth to nine original albums, with most of their songs gave life to "Your Name" and "Weathering With You."

The OST eventually scored the Best Original Score from the Japanese Academy Award.

Meanwhile, the anime films themselves also received critical acclaims across the world even in the U.S.

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The American version of "Weathering with You" hit the U.S. theaters in January 2020c after its record-breaking $120 million gross sales. The number made it one of the most anticipated anime movies in the U.S.

It surpassed the 10-billion yen earner, "Your Name," which was also made by Shinkai. "Your Name" has scored the title of being the second highest-grossing anime film in Japan after Spirited Away, and it soon will be up for an American remake, as well.

"Weathering With You" and "Your Name" joined Netflix and its growing anime catalog last year.

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