Camila Cabello is being slammed on social media after announcing her new song on the same day her ex-bandmate Normani dropped a new collaboration with Cardi B.

Her new song "Don't Go Yet" came out on July 15, the same day Normani dropped her song "Wild Side."

Just before Normani's music video dropped, Camila shared a teaser poster for her upcoming single out on July 23.

While fans of the "Senorita" singer rejoiced at the news, fans of Normani were angry.

On Twitter, they immediately accused Shawn Mendez's girlfriend of racism and trying to sabotage her former bandmate's release day by hogging the spotlight.

One Twitter user posted, "Camila is one dirty chick not her trying to ruin Normani moment ... she had all that time to drop its giving racism."

On Camila's announcement, many replies were mostly hate, with most fans accusing her of stealing the spotlight from Normani.

 Another social media user wrote, "Still to this day I will never forget the racist s--- Camila's fans sent to Normani I remember that s--- so vividly and all of it being on my timeline all f------ day for like two weeks I feel like it didn't matter what fandom you were in we all saw it and we all remember it."

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Camila Cabello, Normani's Complicated Past

The Fifth Harmony member previously shared her candid thoughts about racist posts made by a young Camila, where she made offensive remarks and kept throwing around the N-word.

Though the "Cinderella" actress apologized for her past behavior, fans of Normani haven't been able to see the "Havana" hitmaker in the same light.

In a lengthy statement posted by Normani after Camila Cabello's old posts resurfacing, she expressed devastation.

"It would be dishonest if I said that this particular scenario didn't hurt me."

"It was devastating that this came from a place that was supposed to be a haven and a sisterhood because I knew that if the tables were turned, I would defend each of them in a single heartbeat."

Camila's blog as a teenager made its rounds on Dec. 2019, with a thread with screenshots of her racist memes and images.

Though she apologized, some fans still haven't forgiven her as this wasn't the first time her past racist remarks have been brought to light.

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