Camila Cabello made sure that she always includes where she came from in every project she takes.

On Friday, Cabello graced the music charts again by finally gifting her fans her latest single, "Don't Go Yet." The track is part of her album, "Familia," following her 2019 album, "Romance."

Since her debut, Cabello has been well-known for her appealing and fascinating songs. This time, she expanded her genre even more by including her heritage in the song.

On her official YouTube channel, the 24-year-old pop singer flaunted her Latin dance moves as she told stories about family gatherings in their culture.

The video has now over 2.6 million views and 264,000 likes.

Prior to the release of the new track, she sat down for an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 where she disclosed her one goal for the single and the whole "Familia" album.

"I want it to be that kind of family affair selfishly, because it would make me happy. It would make my life better and that's what I want, so that's really what I was trying to manifest with this whole album," Cabello said.

She added that the track shows how free she feels about herself. While she stays in the U.S for a long time, her music reportedly brought her back to the memories she created with her family. Speaking Spanish these days also felt surreal on her part.

As a result, the song and album did not only serve as a gift for her fans but herself, as well.

Camila Cabello Puts Family First

In the same interview, the singer reflected on how she grew closer to her roots and how she made her family her top priority.

According to Cabello, creating music helped her connect with other people. Through the new album, she began working on her relationship with herself and the people around her.

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She concluded the talk by saying that her family and food inspired the whole album.

"To me, those are the moments that make me glad to be alive, those moments of collective joy and true vulnerability and connection with other people," she went on.

After leaving Fifth Harmony, Cabello revealed that the tension between the group members made her start a solo career sooner than she expected instead.

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