Lil Wayne brought back his past struggles and spoke candidly about his mental health.

As one of the top musicians in the industry, Lil Wayne always shows his positive side to the public. But this time, he shared a secret about himself and how he almost did not make it today due to a suicide attempt when he was a child.

The rapper recently sat for an interview with Emmanuel Acho on his "Uncomfortable Conversations."

On the host's official YouTube channel, he shared an over 17-minute video with Lil Wayne where the rapper revealed the details about the alleged attempt at the age of 12.

According to the 38-year-old musician, he shot himself in the chest at the age of 12 - the same time he started to have a mental health crisis.

Lil Wayne detailed how his aunt told him he could not continue rapping since they caught him ditching school. The rapper then had suicidal thoughts that led him to grab a gun from his mother's bedroom. He shot himself afterward.

"I was just looking and was like you know what - start thinking I had to get myself mad and then noticed I didn't have to. That's what scared me. And how I know I have mental health problems was [that] I pulled the trigger," he said, as quoted by People.

The young Lil Wayne pointed the gun to his head while calling the police. He shot himself in the chest instead after the call dropped.

What Happened After the Attempt?

In the same interview, the rapper detailed what happened following the call, saying that the officers located him after shooting himself.

Per Lil Wayne, he thought he was going to see the "white" already. He also recalled how his death was taking too long to occur. But he waited for it to happen while laying on the floor.

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Although he did not feel anything, he suddenly thought he might still be alive because of a reason.

"The blood was pouring out of my chest so much that it made it easy for me to slide with my shirt on the wood across the floor. I made it all the way there. All the energy I had left was to kick the door," he went on.

When the police officers found him, he reportedly did not receive help at all. Instead, he was questioned about drugs. But then his Uncle Bob arrived and yelled at the authorities for not calling an ambulance.

Following the incident, he realized that the only one that kept him alive at that moment was "God. Plain and simple."

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